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‘Campus Ampasayya’ releases on July 30

‘Campus Ampasayya’ directed by Prabhakar Jaini, is coming to audience on July 30. We all know that director Prabhakar Jaini, who made 'Amma Neeku Vandanam' and ‘Pranaya Veedhullo’ and won critical acclaims, is coming up with another different film titled 'Campus-Ampasayya' with Vjayalakshmi as producer. Few decades ago, a famous writer Ampasayya, who has the novel name as his sir name, has penned a story and it is really an adventurous thing that the story is being carved out as a film. Jaini Creations and Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Films are jointly producing the film that features Shyam Kumar and Pavani as hero and heroine respectively and Akella Raghavendra in the special role.

Director Prabhakar Jaini said, “Everyone is thinking that ‘Campus Ampasayya’ is an art film, but it’s a heart film. The visual is the replica of middle class student's emotional conflict."

The director confessed, "The novel has bold content. Based on the content we have filmed nude scenes. We have just shot as per the story requirement, but it never show obscenity. The scenes shows just the emotions. They are not intended to make profits or to make the film in commercial format. My main intention is to showcase Telangana rural peoples’ lifestyle in 1965-70. Some prominent people of the film industry have praised my attempt after watching the film. It has given me immense happiness. We are planning to release the film on July 30. I wish and hope that audience will encourage out attempt by making the film a success.”

Shyam Kumar, Pavani, Monica Thompson, Sarath, Yogi Diwan, Radha Krishna, Valmiki and Swathi Naidu and some Telugu University students have played in the film.

Akella Raghavendra will appear in the song.

Camera: Ravi Kumar Neerla; Co-director: Naveen; DI: Rajanna; Editing: Sindam Gopi; Creative Head: Tirupati Reddy Kota.