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Vishapuram audio released


Audio of Vishapuram starring Chhatrapati Shafi, Sravani and Ayush Ram in the lead roles, has been launched. The film is jointly produced by Pathuri Bucchireddy and Pathuri Madhava Reddy and directed by Sandiri Srinivas. The film is based on zombie genre.

Producer Buchireddy said, “Initially we were apprehensive and frightened after listening to the script narrated by the director Sandiri. But the director convinced us with his persistence. We are going to produce our next film also under his direction. We are releasing ‘Vishapuram’ on September 14. We hope audience will encourage us by making the film a success.”

Director Sandiri Srinivas said, “No one has attempted zombie genre in Telugu so far. We have kept our heart and soul for the good outcome of the film. Producers trusted me and now they are very happy with the output.”

Here is the trailer of first Telugu zombie film Vishapuram -