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Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu Movie Review

December 12, 2019
Tiger Company Production & Ajay Mysore production
Dheeraj KV, Ajmal Ameer, Brahmanandam, Ali, Rajsekhar Aningi, Prudhvi Raj, Srikanth Iyengar, Dhanraj, Aashikka Meka, Swapna, Mahesh Kathi, Dhanunjay Prabhune
Ram Gopal Varma & Karun Venkat
Jagadeesh Cheekati
Anwar Ali
Gandhi Nadikudikar
Suresh Varma
Prasanna Dantuluri
Wing Chun Anji
Varun Kimidi
Hamsika Iyer & Ram Gopal Varma
Krishna Reddy Janga
Manikanta Karanam
Surya Chowdary
K Yugandar Reddy
S Ramana Reddy
Narsimha Raju Raachuri & Vamsi Thrimurthula
Nagi Reddy Allam, Suresh Ram, B S Upendra, Bala Krishnayadav, Siddharath Roy, Harry Krish, Chiru Daggupati & Ghanshyam Ganecharya
Ravi Shankar
Ajay Mysore
Siddharth Thatholu

RGV's 'Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu', which is previously titled 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu', has finally been released today after creating some controversies and facing issues with the censor. Written by Ram Gopal Varma, this movie has been directed by Siddhartha Thatholu. Read on to know how the film is.


Babu's Velugu Desam Party (VDP) faces a humiliating defeat in general elections and Jagannatha Reddy becomes the chief minister. Unable to digest the defeat, Babu grows restless and starts scheming to bring the government down. A VDP leader named Dayineni Rama, who is very close to Babu, gets killed and the opposition leader puts the blame on CM Jagannatha Reddy. Even Pranay Kalyan, leader of Manasena party, accuses the government of involving in murder politics. Even Prime Minister of India takes advantage of the situation to strengthen his party in Andhra. A funny politician Jagannatha Reddy resigns as chief minister and midterm elections are announced. What happens next ? Who is behind the murder of Dayineni Rama? Who will be the next chief minister ?


Ajmal Ameer looks very much like Jagan in many scenes. Dhananjay Prabhune resembles Babu, but he is limited to a single expression. Dheeraj KV, who played Babu's son Rakesh, acted well. Brahmanandam's role is intended to be funny, but he hardly evokes laughs. Ali as Pammineni Ram Ram is good in a scene.

Technical aspects

There is nothing much to talk about the technical departments except for the cinematography, which is fairly good. The background score doesn't elevate the proceedings.

Plus Points

Few comedy scenes

Minus Points

Pointless story
Boring narration
Unfunny characters


'Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu' is a fictional story based on real life politicians. The story is pointless and the film becomes unbearable after a point. The narration is boring. Though some characters are intended to be funny, they hardly evoke any laughs. Looks like RGV's only intention is to make fun of some politicians and nothing more than that. A couple of scenes are funny. That's it.

On the whole, 'Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu' is a boring political satire. You may not find it interesting even if you are a hardcore follower of YSRCP.