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KFPA lifted the ban imposed on Nikhita

Kannada Film Producers Association which imposed a 3 years ban on actress Nikhita 3 days ago has finally lifted today. The Kannada Producers Association have later realized that their decision was illogical and also hasty after several film personalities from Kannada industry and the media voiced her support.

Nikhita was banned based on the written complaint given by the Kannada actor Darshan’s wife Vijayalakshmi. In the complaint Vijayalakshmi unfairly blamed that Nikhita was the sole cause for her marital discord. However, Darshan was taken into custody by the police for physically abusing his wife. Although the actor applied for bail on Wednesday, the hearing is said to have been postponed to September 19th.

Nikhita who is slowly coming out of personal pain due to the recent death of her father, was relieved by the KFPA’s decision and thanked the media and Kannada film industry for their support.