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'Anandini' audio launched

Audio of ‘Anandini’, starring Beautiful Telugu actress Archana in the title role, has been released on Saturday i.e. on 29th of November at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. Bandi Satyam has composed the music. Young businessman T Rambabu is producing the film under Parvathi Pictures banner as production No.1 film with Baby Harishva and Master Harshith as presenters. ‘The voice of a soul’ is the tag line for the film. Nirnay Pallati is making his debut as director through this film. It also stars Thashu, Liza and Sesi Kumar Rajendran in important roles.

Archana Veda Sastry Exclusive Photos

Telangana Speaker C Madhusudhana Chari, Posani Srinivas, Thummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana, Chadrabose, Raghu Kunche, Indla Aadiseshayya, Shani, Archana, Sesi Kumar Rajendran, Liza, Bandi Satyam, Thanniru Rambabu, Nirnay Pallati and the film unit members have attended the audio release function.

Telangana Speaker C Madhusudhana Chari launched the big CD and audio. Posani Srinivas and Thummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana have released the title logo and trailer respectively.

On the eve of audio release function, Telangana Speaker C Madhusudhana Chari said, “I know music composer Bandi Satyam much. Trailer and songs are very good. I wish and hope that the film become big hit and will run 100 days. The films must influence the people of Telengana in such a way that Telangana should be developed as Bangaru Telangana. I wish that the film will become big success and earn good name and recognition to the director, producers and to the team.”

At the audio function, Nirnay Pallati, who directed the film, said, “Producer Thanneru Rambabu is a man with high human values. He has given full freedom to me. He trusted my story and given me this opportunity. The film came out well. Bandi Satyam is like my brother and he has provided excellent music. I’m sure that the audio and the film will impress everyone.”

Producer Thanneru Rambabu said, “Director Nirnay came to me with a good script. I was very impressed with the script and we went ahead. He has also selected suitable artists. Bandi Satyam’s music is very nice. I hope that audience will encourage us by making the film a big hit.”

Music composer Bandi Satyam said, “I entered into the film industry with the inspiration of Chandra Bose. I turned to music composer through this film. I’m thankful to the director and producers for giving me this opportunity.”

Spaeaking at the audio launch function, Chandra Bose said, “Bandi Satyam entered into the film industry with my inspiration. He turned to music composer and given excellent music. I wish that he will become star director in the coming future. I hope that the film will become big success and will earn good name to the team.”

Ravi Prakash, Venugopal, Rocket Raghava, Sunny, Mallika, Sani, Venu, Ramana, Bhargavi, Umasri, Rama Krishna, Ganapathi, Kumar, Rock Venu and Koruprolu Satyanarayana and some others are part of the film.

Production Manager: Vinay; Choreography: Rock Venu; Editing: Mahendranath; Cinematography: Satyanand; Music: Bandi Satyam; Lyrics: Chandra Bose; Press relations: Dheeraja Appaji; Presenter: Baby Harishva-Master Harshith; Producer: T Rambabu; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Nirnay Pallati.