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'Anandini' is ready for release

Family oriented horror entertainer ‘Anandini’, starring Beautiful Telugu actress Archana in the title role, has completed the censor formality and is ready for release. Young businessman T Rambabu is producing the film under Parvathi Pictures banner as production No.1 film with Baby Harishva and Master Harshith as presenters. ‘The voice of a soul’ is the tag line for the film. Nirnay Pallati is making his debut as director through this film. It also stars Thashu, Liza, Ravi Prakash, ‘Ala Ela’ fame Shani, Bhargavi and Sesi Kiran in important roles. Prominent lyricist Chandra Bose has penned songs, while Bandi Satyam has provided music.

Producer Thanneru Rambabu said, “Recently released audio has got tremendous response from the audience. ‘Anandini’ is made in such a way that it will impress family audience along with the youth. We are planning to release the film soon.”

Ravi Prakash, Venugopal, Rocket Raghava, Sunny, Mallika, Sani, Venu, Ramana, Bhargavi, Umasri, Rama Krishna, Ganapathi, Kumar, Rock Venu and Koruprolu Satyanarayana and some others are part of the film.

Production Manager: Vinay; Choreography: Rock Venu; Editing: Mahendranath; Cinematography: V Satyanand; Music: Bandi Satyam; Lyrics: Chandra Bose; Press relations: Dheeraja Appaji; Presenter: Baby Harishva-Master Harshith; Producer: Thanneru Rambabu; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Nirnay Pallati.

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