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Archana As 'Anandini'


Archana Exclusive Photos

Beautiful Telugu actress Archana is playing the title role in the film ‘Anandini’ which is being made Parvathi Pictures banner as production No.1 film. ‘The voice of a soul’ is the tag line. Young businessman T Rambabu is making his debut as producer. Meanwhile, he is also introducing his friend Nirnay Pallati as director through this film. Baby Harishva and Master Harshith are presenting the film. It also stars Thashu and Sesi Kumar Rajendran in important roles. The film unit completed the shooting part and presently busy with post production works.

At the press meet, Nirnay Pallati, who directed the film, said, “We have carved out this lady oriented film ‘Anadini’ with interesting love and horror elements. Archana’s dances and her performance as Anandini and Chandra Bose lyrics for the songs will stand out as special attractions for the film.”

T Rambabu, who produced the film, said, “I transformed into producer through the film ‘Anandini’ because I was impressed by the script prepared by my friend, who has great experience in directional department. The film came out very well. We are looking forward to release the film soon.”

Venugopal, Rocket Raghava, Sunny, Mallik, Rock Venu and Koruprolu Satyanarayana and some others are part of the film.

Production manager: Vinay; Choreography: Rock Venu; Editing: Mahendranath; Cinematography: Satyanand; Music: Bandi Satyam; Lyrics: Chandra Bose; Press relations: Dheeraja Appaji; Presenter: Baby Harishva-Master Harshith; Producer: T Rambabu; Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Nirnay Pallati.