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RGV calls Manmohan Singh a dead PM for 10 yrs

Ram Gopal Varma, who has a history of making fun of actors and politicians on Twitter, began his series of tweets hitting out at Congress leaders post the recent elections. The controversial filmmaker took to twitter to relentlessly mock them. His main target being Rahul Gandhi, his tweets said:

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] May 15

R I P Gandhi dynasty Born as Nehru 1947 Died as Rahul 2014

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] May 16

I think Rahul Gandhi is "Congress ki Aag"....and i also think Congress can never make a "Sholay" again if the Gandhis remain its Leaders

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] May 19

Urban Dictionary added new word: 'Congressed' means getting fully, totally, irredeemably screwed. Eg - I got "Congressed" at Work Yesterday

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] May 19

Whatever you are doing just drop it nd watch Rahul Gandhi Meri Maa on you tube....Hilaaaariousss

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 15h

Since congress thinks Modi is only acting n since Rahul clearly doesn't have it thy should imdtly enroll him into Roshan taneja's institute.

Then RGV poked fun at Manmohan Singh calling him a dead Prime Minister for 10 yrs.

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 17h

I always suspected Manmohan Singh ws a zombie. bt aftr seeing such a alive Modi can't believe v were ruled by a dead prime minister fr 10 yrs

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 17h

If Modi ws PM since 2004 instead of Mum mohan my life as citizen wud hv bn far btr nd i hate Modi fr making me lose 10 years of quality life.

Similarly in his next tweet he showered praises on Pawan Kalyan and defamed Chiranjeevi.

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 16h

Seeing P K in such high places makes me extremley happy I predicted he will be the bestest ever.. He always had what his brother did not.

His final tweet as of now ended with a comment on BJP leaders in filmy style.

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 16h

Cinematically a few yrs bk Modi used to look like a supporting actor in front of Advani, Jaitley, etc., nd now they look like junior artistes.