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‘Aavu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli’ To Release On November 4


‘Aavu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli’ starring ‘Baahubali’ Prabhakar in the major role, has completed all formalities and is all set for release worldwide on November 4. This different film is being produced by Ravi Pacchapala under Red Karpet Reels banner with Smt. Shailaja and Gudi Vamsidhar Reddy of Suryadeva Film Corporation as presenters. Prabhakar, who earned fame by playing Kalakeya in Rebel Star Prabhas starrer ‘Baahubali’, has played a key role, while SJ Chaitanya is being introduced as director. Hero A Ravi Teja plays die-hard fan of rebel star Prabhas. Ashwini Chandrasekhar is playing hero’s love interest.

On the eve of film’s release, director SJ Chaitanya said, “We felt that the title ‘Aavu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli’ is perfectly apt to the story and therefore we have chosen this. I can confidently say that the film will impress everyone and everyone will say that the film is very different. The film serves comedy in Ram Gopal Varma’s format. Usually, we see Telugu films starting with the love failure story of a hero or a heroine. But this is the first Telugu film which starts with the villain’s love failure story. That is why we have chosen the caption ‘Idi Yadardha Katha Kadu’. Real rowdies of Nellore have acted in this film. We have made the film with neo love story in a shoestring budget. Audio and teaser has got positive response. With the support of bigheads of the film industry, the film has got huge response in business wise as well. Everyone will like the film for sure. The film is coming to audience on November 4.”