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Private parts: 'Uppena' Vs 'Alluri' and what writers must know...


In 'Uppena', the female lead's father gets the male lead's genitals chopped off. The sensible portrayal of the element is one of the major reasons the film became a blockbuster. In the film, the incident happens just after the interval, although it is hidden from plain sight till the pre-climax phase. Director Buchi Babu Sana, importantly, didn't use the episode to create a shock value for the sake of it. He tried to create poignancy by using a disfigured statue of Lord Shiva as a metaphor.

In 'Alluri', which was released in theatres last Friday, Sree Vishnu's character is tormented and tortured by villains. His private parts are cut off with scissors. This is no major spoiler, actually. The CBFC's censor report had mentioned the scene while suggesting that the scene's running time be cut by half.

The director of 'Alluri' infused the element to create shock value. Even after the unspeakable torture, the audience are shocked but not saddened by the scene.

'Uppena' and 'Alluri' prove why it is important to construct poignant moments with sensitivity. Merely injecting something to generate shock is of inferior quality. Such scenes must make the audience think of physical torture as an act of savagery.