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Marocharitra - Each song reveals high degree of talent.
“Maro Charitra’ is K Balachander’s outstanding touching love story featuring Kamal Hassan and Sarita. Now the same film has been remade with the modern outlook by Dil Raju under his new banner Matinee Entertainment Pvt Ltd., introducing cinematographer Ravi Yadav as director. Starring Varun Sandesh, Anita (fresh face) and Sraddha Das in lead roles it has music by Mickey J Meyer. Even though it is a bit late to review this album, why I’m bothered to do is that Mickey is one of my favourite music directors and I simply love his flawless music.
Prema Prema  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Karthik
The first track in this album starts with a solo song ‘Prema Prema Idhi’. Sung by Karthik this romantic melody has been floored with smooth harmonies and tapping sounds. The chorus and the soothing background sounds perhaps are too good. Vanamali’s lyrics are dreamy. Mickey composed this song in his usual style yet it’s good to listen.
Ye Teega Puvvuno  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Late Acharya Athreya Singer: Shweta Pandit
This is a remix of old classic ‘Ye Teega Puvvuno’. The original song was sung by Gaana Kokila P Suseela. Shweta Pandit too sings it with full of zeal. It starts with beautiful guitar riffs. Lyrics have not been changed. They were written by Late Sri Acharya Athreya garu. But the tune is entirely different and appears like a new song. Infact the song quite literally speaks for itself. The synchronization of this new version is terrific with fragile instrumentation. The song gives a relaxing mood and I felt close to my heart. This is one of the best produced remix songs that I’ve heard in recent times.
Bale Bale Mogadivoy  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Late Acharya Athreya, Veturi Singer: Shweta Pandit
This is also a remix number starting with energetic beats. Mickey comes up with perfect harmonies for this mix of old and new song. Shweta Pandit has a smooth voice that flows over the track well. Lyrics are again written by Late Sri Acharya Athreya garu and Veturi garu. On the whole even if the tune and beats appear fresh to ears, I personally liked the tune of original version of this song in particular.
Ninnu Nannu  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Shweta Pandit, Sri Madhumitha
This is an interesting song especially due to its beautiful sounding guitar chords in the beginning. I’m very impressed with this song for its smooth instrumental sounds which also kept me in cool atmosphere. Mickey composed this melody showing a highly skilled playing. Shweta’s voice is apt for such slow paced songs and should be listened with fresh ears in order to appreciate her nuances. The song is supported by Sri Madhumitha’s voice in the end. Vanamali’s lyrics are quite pleasing. This is one of the highly melodic and enjoyable tracks in this album.
We Don't Care  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Ranjith, Smita, Varun Sandesh
‘We Don’t Care’ is a rap number with youthful lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya. The specialty of this song is that the hero of the film Varun Sandesh lent his voice along with Ranjith and Smita. The beats are full of life and the track is highly recommended for teeny boppers.
Ye Teega Puvvuno (Theme Song)  Music: Mickey J Meyer Lyrics: Late Acharya Athreya Singer: Karthik
This is the male version of ‘Ye Teega Puvvuno’ sung by Karthik. It’s is a theme song and overall mood of the song is sad. The album ends with a heart touching feel.
In overall, this is a good album with good songs. It has the same level of Mickey J Meyer’s other albums like ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokham’. Each song reveals the high degree of talent and creativity in band.
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