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Ishq - Besides Lachhamma, listen to Sootiga Choodaku & Edho Edho
After quite a long break Nitin is coming back on silver screen with yet another youthful romantic entertainer. ‘Ishq’ starring the talented actress Nithya Menon opposite Nithin who also revealed his hidden talent, i.e., being successful in writing lyrics and also as singer. Anoop Rubens had earlier worked for Nithin’s film ‘Dhairyam’ and now the duo joined hands for this flick. There are altogether six songs in this album of which ‘Lachhamma’ has already become popular in youtube. This apart, there are four romantic songs. Let’s check out.
Lachhamma  Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Nithin, Kirshna Chaitanya Singer: Anoop, Nithin, Tagubothu Ramesh, Murali
‘Lachhamma’ is a mischievous playful song presented by Anoop, Nithin, Tagubothu Ramesh and Murali. The lyrics are prankish with a mixture of languages. This jovial song was jointly written by Nithin and Krishna Chaitanya. The song begins like this, “Ye gaana ladkiyo ke liye nahin, please….nahin suna…..pleasE…”, then ‘Aa once upon a time, nakoka adhire girlfriend undedhi roi, Ma idhari madhya aa godavai breakup ayipoyindi roi, Moode dhobbi pubuki vasthe ammayi kavalannaru dost, taguthu entry ledhani No Entry board ye pettaru roi…em cheyyanu aa bolo kya karu bhai, I wanna party yo ah bale bale you wanna party yo ah bale bale…... In lines with ‘Kolaveri Di’, the song is slightly different and makes it sound as playful and interesting to listen over and over again. Just listen and enjoy! Most recommended song in this album.
Oh Priya Priya  Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Adnan Sami, Nithya Menon
‘Oh Priya Priya’ is a western influenced romantic song sung by Adnan Sami and Nithya Menon. While Adnan sang in his usual singing voice, Nithya Menon crooned the song with her angelic and sweet voice. Unlike Adnan, Nithya also took care in pronunciation of words. Lyrics written by Krishna Chaitanya went unnoticed due to Adnan’s mispronunciation of Telugu words. This song was also written using a mixture of English and Telugu words. Anoop composed it as a light and graceful song.
Sutiga Choodaku  Music: Aravindh - Shankar Lyrics: Anantha Sriram Singer: Hariharan, Saindhavi
‘Sootiga Choodaku Soodila Navvaku, Eduruga Nilabadutu Edane Thinaku, Nadumunu Melipedutu Usure Teeyaku, Sogase Segale Pedithe Chedarada Kunuku…..’ is romantically written by our young lyricist Ananth Sriram and the song was beautifully crooned by Hariharan and Saindhavi with classy voices. The composition is soothing and flows smoothly. The song’s tempo and vocal rendition come together perfectly. Anoop made the song more beautiful with his excellent composition. This is the most beautiful song in this album. Just wonderful!
Chinnadana Neekosam  Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Raj Haasan, Anoop, Sravani
This is the title song ‘Ishq’ which means the song is about love. The lyrics, the tune as well as the vocals are kinda boring. Overall you can skip over this track as it’s not worth the listen.
Edho Edho  Music: Aravindh - Shankar Lyrics: Anantha Sriram Singer: Pradeep Vijay, Kalyani Nair
‘Edho Edho Undhi Gunde Lothullo, Edhi Ardham Kadhu Paiki Chethallo, Inka Edho Daagi Undi Matallo, Edemaina Veyyi Chetullo…..’ is yet another lovely song in this album written by Ananth Sriram. The song starts of with a beautiful whistle sound accompanied by the romantic sax music. The song is sung in catchy 70s style by Pradeep Vijay and Kalyani Nair. Pradeep Vijay crooning in a soothing romantic way and Kalyani Nair building to a more emotion in a soft voice is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. Anoop’s synchronization reminds us of the classic-pop style of music in early 70s. However, these kinda songs might get noticed only if the film becomes a hit.
Lachhamma (Rupens Club Mix)  Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Nithin, Kirshna Chaitanya Singer:
This is the club mix of ‘Lachchamma…’ with the same lyrics written by Nithin and Krishna Chaitanya. Although this song little fast than the original version, it’s pretty enjoyable. Just listen and enjoy, as it’s most recommended song.
Overall 4 out of 6 songs are good of which ‘Lachchamma’ will score high marks due to its prankish style, followed by two romantic songs written by Ananth Sriram - ‘Sootiga Choodaku’ and ‘Edho Edho Undhi Gunde Lothullo’.
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