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Vennela 1 1/2 - Just listen to Dhin Chik
‘Vennela 1 ½’ is the first directorial venture of Vennela Kishore and was taken by him inspired by the 1st half of Deva Katta’s ‘Vennela’. Mahesh Shankar made ‘Vennela’ a musical hit by composing the trendy numbers. Sunil Kashyap stepped into Telugu film industry in 2007 with director Surya Teja’s ‘Gita’ and shot to fame with Madhura Sridhar’s ‘Sneha Geetam’. Later he composed music for films like ‘Ninnu Kalisaka’, ‘The Lotus Pond’, ‘Katha Screenplay Darsakathvam Appalraju’ and ‘It’s My Love Story’. The specialty of this film is that every song starts off with conversation. Lyrics are written by Krishna Chaitanya, Srimani, Sirasri and Vennela Team. Vasu and Varma jointly produced the film on GR8 Production Pvt Ltd. Chaitanya Krishna and Monal Gajjar are playing the romantic pair. Let’s check out the songs now.
Rimpochi Rinmpochi  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Hemachandra
The first track in this album starts off with dialogues by Tagubothu Ramesh, followed by the vocal rendition by Hemachandra. ‘Rimpochi Rimpochi’ is about youth with carefree attitude. Though the song flows with much of modern popular music, the song is not so appealing. Krishna Chaitanya’s lyrics are okay. This song is definitely not anywhere near the caliber of Hemachandra. It’s very unfortunate that the album opened with some what boring song.
Dhin Chik  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Srimani Singer: Hemachandra
Yes! Here is the song that would actually make you dance. It starts with the words, ‘Inthaki vaadnannu follow chestunnada lekha nene vaadni follow avutunnana, chaala disturb chestunnade…’. The line indicates that the girl has fallen in love with a guy but is in confused state. Then the song begins like ‘Din din din chik din din….’. The beats are good and the lyrics are catchy with usage of common words. No doubt, Srimani’s lyrics will grab the listener’s attention. Sunil Kashyap created some kind of energy in this song through his beats. Hemachandra returned to his usual style in this song and created a feel good impression. Overall this song will catch the youth’s attention at very first listen. Just listen and enjoy!
Prema Gola Gola  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Srimani Singer: Sunil Kashyap
This yet another song in lines with the second song but is in different style. It’s about a girl dumping one guy for another. Sunil Kashyap himself renders vocals for this number. This song also starts with conversation between two girls and goes like this repeatedly ‘Prema Gola Gola Gola Prema Gola Gola Gola….’ . Srimani penned with lyrics with a mix of Telugu and English lines. This appears like a background song for the situation in the movie and it’s quite boring to listen to the audio.
Anane Ananu  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Sunil Kashyap
‘Anane Ananu’ is about the break-up. Krishna Chaitanya’s lyrics went unnoticed because of Sunil Kashyap’s vocal style. Though the song belongs to the sad genre, unfortunately this break-up song has no feel in it. You can simple skip this song.
Vennela Vennela  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Sirasri Singer: Ranjith
This track starts off with funny conversation on the backdrop of Radio Station. ‘Vennela Vennela…’ sung by Ranjith is to some extent good when compared to previous two songs. Sirasri lyrics are good and Kashyap’s composition is completely in western style and makes the song appeal more like a western song than a Telugu number. But since today’s youth do prefer only such style of music, this song might impress them.
Rape Chey  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Vennela Team Singer: Vennela Kishore, Sunil Kashyap
This funny song ‘Rape Chey’ with Vennela Kishore’s dialogues and Sunil Kashyap’s vocal rendition might appeal to the audience when they are watching the film but otherwise not the one to listen and enjoy.
Hip Hop Song  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Hemachandra
‘Hip Hop’ song is a fast number sung by Hemachandra. Krishna Chaitanya wrote the lyrics for this song that goes in mixed styles and languages. Krishna Chaitanya was creative while writing lyrics for this song. The entire song is funny but again it will be interesting to listen only with the visuals as the song starts after the kidnapping scene. Sunil Kashyap has more of western influence in his music and all the songs except the 2nd song are almost the same.
Monalisa Monalisa  Music: Sunil Kashyap Lyrics: Srimani Singer: Sunil Kashyap
This is the climax song where the hero realizes what he is actually missing after loosing his lover ‘Vennela’. Sunil Kashyap croons this song. His voice sounds weird for Telugu songs. It’s okay if he sings one song in the album but he has to realize that he can be more successful only if he selects good singers than taking chance and singing on his own. Due to his high pitched voice, Srimani lyrics which are in poetic style are average. Finally the album ends with yet another boring song.
Final verdict: Though the entire album belongs to the youth genre, the songs are really not up to the mark. So except the song ‘Dhin Chik’, rest of the album is simply boring. Hence ‘Vennela 1 ½’ is nowhere nearer to Deva Katta’s ‘Vennela’.
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