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Panjaa - Entertainment for all

‘Panjaa’ is one of the anticipated music albums in 2011. This is the first album in the combination of Pawan Kalyan and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Like any other film, ‘Panjaa’ too maintains themes on romance, fun, mass entertainment and motivation. The album was released grandly amidst the huge fanfare in Gachibowli Staduim on Saturday. The songs are already rocking everywhere in the state. It appears that the album promises the film’s success.
Panja Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Yuvan
This much awaited album starts with an excellent number, “Nee chura chura mani choopule Panja, sala sala sala oopire Panja, nara nara muna nethure Panja, anuvanu vuna sathuve Panja….” Written by Ramajogayya Sastry is already rocking all over. This being the title song, it haunts the listeners even after it’s over. Besides tuning the song, Yuvan also rendered his voice to this song. He sang pretty well without giving a feel that the song was sung by non-Telugu speaking singer. Well, by listening to this track the film lovers will easily figure out that it’s typical Pawan Kalyan signature song. Yuvan’s powerful composition will move the listener in all directions. Nice one, enjoy!
Ela Ela Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Haricharan, Shweta Pandit
This is a beautiful romantic song sweetly crooned by Haricharan and Shweta Pandit. Lyrics are as very sweet as the singers’ voices. Comprised of Haricharan and Shweta Pandit’s vocals and Chandra Bose’s lyrics, Yuvan created music that is radio friendly. This song has already topped the chart. What more, just listen!!!
Veyira Cheyyi Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Saloni
‘Veyira Cheyyi’ is an item song sung by singer Saloni. Ramajogayya Sastry pens it in such a way that the song invokes feelings of heartache to quench the lust and hunger. This achingly wonderful drum track can be evidenced by the audience when they start to dance to the foot-tapping beats.
Kshanam Kshanam Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Shweta Pandit
‘Kshanam Kshanam’ is a beautiful love song sung by Shweta Pandit. The tune is similar to ‘Ela Ela’ song. This was also written by Chandra Bose. Though it’s just a stanza, it would stay close to your heart.
Anukoleduga Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Belly Raj, Priya Himesh
‘Anukone leduga…’ is a lovely duet sung by Belly Raj and Priya Himesh with beautiful lyrics once again written by Chandra Bose. This song is built around light instrumental music. It gives a good feel due to lyrics, vocals and sweet harmonies.
Paparayudu Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Hemachandra, Sathyam, Pawan Kalyan, Brahmanandam
The album ends with a fun filled song. It starts with a serious verse ‘Ekkado puttadu Ekkado perigadu Mana ooriki vachadu mana vadaipoyadu….’ sung by Sathyam and later turns into complete comedy with the conversation of Brahmanandam and Pawan Kalyan. Then song continues with the line ‘Edavalake Edava Paniki malina Chavata…….’ sung by Hemachandra. This song will no doubt become popular among mass, youth as well as class audience. While the conversation part makes me to press the rewind button, the instrumental part makes me get up and put the dance steps. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!
‘Panjaa’ audio is a complete entertainer not just for Pawan’s fans but for everyone else too, be it class, mass, youth or family members. So just go to your nearest store and grab a CD immediately.