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Dhoni - Ilayaraja's music as incredible as ever

‘Dhoni’ is Prakash Raj’s first directorial venture under his home production ‘Duet Movies’ banner. The film stars Prakash Raj, Master Aakash and Radhika Apte in lead roles. The story of ‘Dhoni’ is about a middle-class father who dreams of his children’s secured future but later the circumstances changes his mind due to which he will fights against the education system. While this is the story, every song in this album is as per the situation in the film neatly composed by Ilayaraja. Now let’s check out the songs one by one.
Chitti Chitti Adugaa Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Shreya Goshal, Naresh Iyer
Aah! What a beautiful start? Here is the most beautiful song presented by maestro Ilayaraja after a very long time. Just concentrate on Sirivennela’s lyrics and you will understand how meaningful the song is? Ilayaraja’s recording is such that his instruments ignite the lyrics then the music flows like a waterfall. Shreya is the apt singer and fits the bill perfectly for Ilayaraja’s compositions. After P Suseela, S Janaki and Chitra, she is the most sweet voiced playback singer in the present generation who can deliver precious vocals for the maestro’s delightful harmonies. ‘Chitti Chitti Adugaa, Jinkala Parugaa’ is an inspirational song sweetly crooned by Shreya Goshal along with Naresh Iyer and wonderful chorus.
Mattiloni Chettu Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
‘Mattiloni Chettu Vellalaga Unna Chotane Untam’ is yet another wonderful and meaningful song written by Sirivennela. The song starts off with light drum work and a slow guitar riff that slowly builds, and SPB comes in with the catchy vocals. This kinda music might sound a little different for the generation today, however it still gives relief to all music lovers since it’s as fresh as ever even if it’s the music of 1980s and 90s. What else can I write about this Awesome song composition and song rendition? Just listen to it and your will be quickly relieved from your stress. After all the song was sung by none other than the legendary singer SP Balasubrahmaniam.
Endhaaka Nee Payanam Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Surmukhi
‘Endhaaka Nee Payanam’ is yet another classic song with the most elegant lyrics. Sirivennela’s brilliant feat is writing this song. Every line in this song touched my heart, especially the line “Odi Odi Otami Naina Visiginche Thana Sahanam, Gelichinatte Bhavisthare Entha Vintha, Thanaki Unna Thodokkate Sannanaina Odharam, Nammukunna Adhi Telise Edhi Thanaki Aadharam….”. Surmukhi’s voice is crystal clear and charming. Her performance in this a soulful song showcased her incredible ability. Being the greatest music composer of any age, Ilayaraja’s music has been amazingly rich all through. Any doubts? If so, just listen to this song.
Gayam Tagili Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Ilayaraja
‘Gayam Tagili Aaratamtho Perige Madiki, Podhindhedo, Poyindhedo Telusa…’ is one more song you will notice in this album that Ilayaraja is absolutely perfect in every way including his vocal rendition. Beautifully written by Sirivennela, the song is composed and recorded with a great instrumental band. Some songs just grab you and hold on to you and I experienced something like that while listening to this sad song.
Endhaaka Nee Payanam (Male) Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Sathyam
The final track in this album is the male version of ‘Endhaaka Nee Payanam’. The lyrics are exactly the same as the female version. Sathyam was absolutely perfect in every way in the song rendition. As mentioned above every line in this song touched my heart. It appears to be a background song and the lyrics indicate that it’s the song about the character’s dream and goal in life.
After ‘Sree Ramarajyam’, ‘Dhoni’ is one of the best music albums Ilayaraja did in the recent times. In particular, his position in the history of guitar and keyboard music is once again assured and his contribution to the development of his composition style is as incredible as ever. Every piece in this album is soothing to the heart. As Prakash Raj said in the audio release function, Ilayaraja’s music is definitely an asset to the film.