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Adhinayakudu - Songs of different era
After delivering a classic film like ‘Sri Ramarajyam’, Nandamuri Balakrishna is now coming up with a mass action entertainer ‘Adhinayakudu’ in which he is portraying triple roles. Lakshmi Rai, Saloni and Jayasudha are pairing up with him for three different characters that he is playing. Parachuri Murali is directing this flick and M L Kumar Chowdary is producing it on Sri Keerthi Combines banner with camera by Vijay C Anand and music by Kalyani Malik. Kalyani Malik is a successful music director who delivered musical hits like Aithe, Andhrudu, Ashta Chemma, Golconda High School, Ala Modalaindi, etc. Apart from this, he also composed background score for Magadheera. However, this is the first time he provided musical scores for a mass hero like Balakrishna. Nevertheless, the Nandamuri fans were eager to listen to the music in this combination. So let’s check out the tracks now!
Olammi Ammi  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Rita
Interesting! The album starts off with a vintage style song. Refined and written in an antique style by Bhaskara Bhatla, the elegant vocals of SPB-Rita and music of Kalyani Malik takes us back to a simpler time, the 1960s. The song begins with a voice whistling briefly followed by an acoustic guitar and then SPB’s vocals ‘Olammi Ammi Ammi Ammi….’ is just awesome. Even at 65, Balasubrahmaniam’s voice is so young and fresh. He displays energetic vocals in his singing style and perfectly fits with the technology-driven musical trends. Female singer Rita was at her best too while crooning this melodic trance song. Kalyani Malik really tried something different for Balakrishna’s image to make it appear fresh. Overall it’s a pretty good start to the album. Just listen and enjoy!!!
Guruda Itu Raaraa  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Mano, Rita
‘Guruda Itu Raaraa…’ is an upbeat and energetic romantic song with danceable type of music. Erotically sung by Mano and Rita, it is a genre of song with a romantic flow that enhances fast paced energetic beats. Added to that is Bhaskara Bhatla’s raunchy lyrics that made the song even more hot. This is typical Balakrishna song for all his fans out there. Enjoy!!!
Oorantha  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Kalyani Malik
‘Oorantha Dandalette Devude, Gudibaite Undipoya Denduko….’ is a sad song that appears like a background song. The audio of this song didn’t really stand out at all even if the lyrics were penned in a thought-provoking manner. Kalyani Malik himself delivered the vocals and composed the song by mixing and arranging the instrumental part softly so as to elevate the vocal part. However, the song might appeal well along with visuals on big screen.
Mast Jawani  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chaitra Ambadipudi
Mast Jawani….’ is yet another erotic song in this album. SPB and Chaitra crooned it with sexy voices. They were just awesome with their great sexy voices. Although I’m not a great fan of songs of this genre, SPB and Chaitra’s vocal rendition with perfect timing made this song attractive to ears. Lyrics of course are raunchy, youthful and energetic. Kalyani Malik did absolutely wonderful job with perfect instrumental sound.
Andam Aakumadi  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Mano, Neha
‘Andam Aakumadi’ is a typical mass song not just for front benchers as everyone seems to be enjoying these kinda songs these days. This brand new musical takes us back to a time we all remember NTR and Jayaprada’s song ‘Oh Lammi Tikka Reginda….’. Mano and Neha sings with full of zest. Bhaskarabhatla tried to bring as much of mass feel as possible through the lines he penned. The beats are fast and catchy. However, let’s wait and see how the audience of today is going to react to this kinda of music.
Adhigo  Music: Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Kalyani Malik
‘Adhigo….Adhigadhigo….’ is a climax song filled with aggressive and emotions. Kalyani Malik proved himself that he’s a freestyle composer as well as a skilled singer through this song. The energy of the song speaks for itself. Bhaskarabhatla once again shows off is amazing lyrical skills. Watch this song on the screen that deserves your attention!
Overall, Kalyani Malik’s production choice was a little different this time. He delivered two hot songs, one vintage song, one sad song, one mass song and one aggressive song that belongs to a different era. So Listen! Enjoy! Give Feedback with Soul!
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