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Love Failure - Songs Wonderful

Siddharth and Amala Paul starrer ‘Love Failure’ is a sweet romantic entertainer being directed by Balaji Mohan. Siddharth and K Venu Gopal have joined together to make this romantic movie on ‘A Talkie Entertainment’ banner. SS Thaman scored the music. This is the first time Siddharth and Thaman are working together. Being a singer too, Siddharth lent his voice for two out of five songs in this film while the other singers are Karthik, Suchitra and Thaman himself. Thaman has been riding high with his continuous successful music. Now let’s check out this album.
Parvathi Parvathi Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Siddharth
This album starts off with an energy filled song. The song depicts the college guys’ mischievous acts. Fantastically sung by Siddharth, this youthful fast upbeat song reminds us of 1980s youthful songs. The song starts off with beautiful finger snap sound that gives a fresh uplifting sound. While the song continues with the chorus singing along with up-front drums and different instrumental sounds, perhaps it shows its most authentic quality. Sree Mani penned very simple lines but catchy ones. And Thaman turned his ‘Parvathy Parvathy’ into a high-energy piece which is actually interesting to listen. Thanks to Thaman for being experimental and coming out with fresh sound of music.
Inthajare Inthajare Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Karthik, Suchitra
‘Inthajare Inthajare’ is fun, but sweet and romantic. Clearly and plainly sung by Karthik and Suchitra, the charming song is cutely written by Sree Mani. The way the love is expressed in these lyrics sounds so simple, yet adorable. The rhythm has a steady beat in this instrumental bit and the composition pattern altogether sounds good. Take the time to listen to this song, it’s cool, it’s beautiful!!!
Happy Heart Attack Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Siddharth
“Right side kooda heart beat unte Love, thermometer blast ayipothe Love, ICU lo paqdukunna, I Love You ne antunte, Happy Happy Heart Attack ye Love”. Which college buddies will not Njoy these kinda lines that are so catchy and rhythmic? Jus listen to this song and I’m sure you can’t help but dance to this joyful tune. Of course, every track in this album is enjoyable and danceable. But the combination of words, vocals, rhythm and instrumentation especially in this track is so catchy, sweet, funky and enjoyable that the song would really make anyone feel like dancing. Check it out once please!
Melukora Melukora Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: S. S. Thaman
This love song is crooned by none other than SS Thaman along with wonderful chorus team. Through his synchronization, Thaman created a variety of interesting and pleasant sounds. His instrumentation in this song is not only clear and pleasant to ears but also to the mind. In vocals too, he was at his usual best. With good sound quality of music and exquisite lyrics, this song has touched my heart.
Inthajare Inthajare Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Karthik
This is the solo rendition of the song ‘Inthajare Inthajare’ sung by Karthik. It’s as beautiful as the duet song. Thanks to the lyricist for making the song so beautiful. The lines are wonderful, relaxing and peaceful. This song is perfect to accompany any romantic road trip.
In every song in this album except ‘Happy Heart Attack’, the same word is used twice in a row like ‘Parvathy Parvathy’, ‘Inthajare Inthajare’ and ‘Melukora Melukora’. That makes this album so different. Although the title is ‘Love Failure’, the songs in this album are energetic, rhythmic, youthful, enjoyable and romantic. Just awesome!!!