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Pilla Zamindar - Ayyayo Jebulo Dabbulu Poyene is the highlight
The secret behind the success of hero Nani is nothing but he chooses different conceptual films right from his debut film ‘Ashta Chamma’ to the recent ‘Sega’. He is one of those rare actors who is hungry for variety films than star oriented ones. He is currently shooting for SS Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’ and now getting ready to entertain the audience as ‘Pilla Zamindar’. This movie is being directed by G Ashok and features Nani, Bindu Madhavi and Hari Priya in the lead. Produced by SS Bujji Babu under Sri Sailendra Cinemas banner, the film has music by Selva Ganesh. Interestingly Selva Ganesh made his debut as music director in Telugu with Nani’s ‘Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu’ which was a remake of the Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ and now once again the duo has joined together for this film called ‘Pilla Zamindar’. Let’s check out the album and rate the songs.
Thalabadi  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
The album opens with a nice meaningful song. “Thalabadi Thalabadi Nilabadu, Oh Raade Yodhudu Jarabadu, Sankalpam Neekunte Otamikaina Onuke Ra, Budi Budi Adugulu Thadabadi, Adugaduguna Neeve Nilabadi, Edureegaali Lakshyam Vaipu Entho Paatubadi, Telugantu Raadu Ante Sooridaina Lokuva Ra….’. Sung by the gloriously voiced Shankar Mahadevan and chorus, the song is good to listen with its enriching lyrics and simple instrumental beat. While listening to this track one can imagine the beautiful visuals of his own. This song is likely to take you to a peaceful mood. Good one from Selva Ganesh, listen and enjoy!
Chuttu Chuttu  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: VV Prasanna, Saindhavi
‘Chuttu Chuttu Chuttu Chuttu Nanne Chuttu…’ is a joyful and delightful song. Sung by VV Prasanna and Saindhavi, this song is like any other duet in Telugu films. Lyrics are okay. Nothing special to talk about. However, the audience might enjoy this song along with visuals.
Oopiri  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Karthik, Chinmayi
‘Oopiri aadadhu naaku edhuru nuvvaithe, kona voopiri tho vunna praanam poyyave…’ is a beautiful romantic song. Is it because Karthik and Chinmayi crooned it? Ha ha! May be!! Very soothing to ears. The song also touches my heart due to Krishna Chaitanya’s lyrics. The song is about love’s yearning, brings a sparkle into your eyes and makes you want to twirl and skip and dance. Just listen to it once, who knows, you might press the rewind button again and again.
Rangu Rangu  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Mukhesh, Priya Hemesh
Here is a typical song for the masses. ‘Rangu Rangu…’ is a good entertainer. You will not listen to it just in theaters, but in every tea stall and road side shops. Mukhesh and Priya Hemesh sang this song. Priya Hemesh, well known for mass masala songs, did a good job in this one too. Mukhesh is equally good. Krishna Chaitanya proved that he is capable of writing songs belonging to all genres. An exclusive song for the B and C centres alone.
PJ Club Mix  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Rap: Big Nikk Singer: Ranjith, Priya Hemesh
This is a song exclusively for the youth. Nice energetic one blend with Indian mass beats and western beats. This rap number was sung by Ranjith and Priya Hemesh. Big Nikk penned the rap lines. Although Selva Ganesh did not try anything new here, still the song will appeal to the generation today. We can visualize the fast forward visuals while listening to this track. Lyrics are pretty playful and enjoyable as well. It’s sure to grab the youth’s attention instantly. Just play and listen to it once!
Haiyayo  Music: Selva Ganesh Lyrics: Sri Mani Singer: Solar Sai
Wow! Finally the album ends with a fantastic remix number ‘Ayyayo chethilo dabbulu poyene…’. This is the most enjoyable and fun filling song. Beautifully composed by Selva Ganesh without spoiling the originality. Lyrics were very well written by Sri Mani. They are not only catchy but also interesting to listen. The highlight of the song is Solar Sai excellent vocals. His voice is fresh and aptly suited for the song. This would be the real treat not just for listeners but also the audience in theaters. Enjoy!!!
Although nothing new, good songs overall created by Selva Ganesh, but the highlight of the album is ‘Ayyayo Jebulo Dabbulu Poyene….’.
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