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Thakita Thakita-The whole damn album is fantastic!!!

‘Thakita Thakita’, with a tagline ‘Find Your Rhythm’ has a beautiful theme, ‘If we get all that we desire then that is not at all the life. One who faces the problems with self-confidence will see the bright future’. This is the first production venture of Bhumika and Bharat Thakur’s Downtown Entertainments with all fresh faces. Bobo Shashi composed the music. I heard that the songs are good. Lemme listen and give my verdict.
Cmon Cmon Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Viswa Singer: Karthik, Sam, Suvi, Suresh, Mirchi Suchitra, Bizmac
Wow! Bobo Shashi comes out with a very enthusiastic piece and energetic music. I loved it. By listening to this track you are immediately aware that this is an album with a difference. Viswa penned the lyrics in English-Telugu mixed form. Vocals are rendered by my favourite singer Karthik, Sam, Suvi, Suresh, Mirchi Suchitra and Bizmac. The song is more westernized but with irresistibly catchy tune, you find yourself dancing in your seat.
Ishq Hai Yeh Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Prasanna, Shreya Goshal
Aah! This beautiful romantic melody starts with chorus ‘Ishq Hai Yeh’. ‘Kannulaku Kalava Kalava’ is a duet number sung by Prasanna and Shreya Goshal. Prasanna and Shreya Goshal are at their usual best. I would like to mention a point here, any song that Shreya Goshal sings is beautiful. This is also a very beautiful song in classic style, music is really refreshing in this day and age. It has a perfect mix of instruments and genuinely good to sing-a-long.
Mila Milalaa Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Sathyam
‘Mila Milalaa’ is a soft melody in soothing strings. The song has no beats at all. The tune is very simple and Sathyam’s style of rendition is so fresh. The music as well as lyrics blends well with the tune. Bobo Shashi composes this song with very few instruments yet elevates the mood of the situation and carries the tender romantic feel.
Thakita Thakita Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Viswa Singer: Sam, Ujjainee Roy, Ramee
I loved the rhythm of this youthful joyride song. It’s a wonderful song with wonderful lyrics by Viswa. It just took me back to my college days. The tapping sound in the middle of the song is absolutely good. Sam, Ujjainee Roy and Ramee are perfect in their vocals. After listening to this song I can’t wait any longer to watch this film.
Manase Ato Ito Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Karthik, Chinmayi
Up next is ‘Manase Ato Ito’, a duet, soft, pleasing, romantic track with Karthik and Chinmayi behind the mike. It is a song that will appeal to the younger generation more. The soothing number strikes a chord with the listener. An amazing song, don’t miss it.
Kannire Olikenule Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Viswa Singer: Bobo Shashi
This song starts with beautiful guitar strings. Yes, it’s beautiful, sad song yet the best one. Bobo Shashi sings himself. His vocals is just heart touching. If you have parted with your lover then surely this song would make you cry. Each stanza will make you emotional. This is probably a climax song in the film. Truly heart touching song, with excellent music composition.
Thakita Thakita Theme (Instrumental) Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Singer:
Bobo Shashi composed this beautiful theme song with simple arrangement of orchestral and keyboard works.
Mila Milalaa (Vintage Mix) Music: Bobo Shashi Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Sathyam, Srik, Shivam, Dinesh
Wow! This vintage mix is composed in western and Indian style of vocals. Bobo’s use of various rhythm instruments and a rich blend of vocals create the rapidly changing scenario. The music keeps changing and we can hear the vocals in English, Telugu and Tamil as well. According to this vintage mix Bobo gathered the singers like Sathyam, Srik, Shivam and Dinesh and arranged the voices to sing in three different versions. Overall, Bobo ended the album in a unique style.
You think the first song is great. But then you move on to the next one and it’s just as good. You don’t think Bobo can keep it up, but he just makes the whole damn album fantastic!!!