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Saradagaa Kasepu – Good catchy tunes
After delivering the successful musical film like ‘Gopi Gopika Godavari’, Vamsi-Chakri combo is coming with its latest film ‘Saradaga Kasepu’. ‘Saradaga Kasepu’ is a romantic comedy entertainer featuring Allari Naresh, Srinivasa Avasarala and Madhurima. M L Padma Kumar Chowdary is producing this film under Sri Keerthi Combines banner. Read on the music review.
Vannela Chinukula  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Chakri
Simplicity is everything. Besides being catchy, lyrics by Bhaskara Bhatla are encouraging. This is a wonderful song with awesome music, but I’m not impressed with Chakri’s voice. His vocals are very plain. There is no feel in his voice. He should have opted for someone like Karthik, Karunya, Ranjith or Hemachandra.
Nee Palukulu  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Chakri, Malavika
“Nee Palukulu, Raa Chilukalu, Aa Chitapata, O Chinukulu, Ee Pranayamu, Ga Kurisenu, Na Hrudayamunaa....” Oh! Come on. This song is incredibly catchy and one of the brilliant tunes given by Chakri. This is why I feel connected to his music. The guitar strings starts off the song, followed by the first verse sung by Chakri and Malavika. Lyrics written by Kandikonda are just awesome with very very catchy words. The song is very unique with both singers uttering an alternative word. Sing along and have fun!
Oohala Sundara  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Praveen Lakma Singer: Vamshi, Anjana Soumya
‘Oohala Sundara…’ is a romantic number sung in a soothing style with foot tapping drumming. Interestingly director Vamsi tried his hand in singing too. The lines are sung gently by him along with Anjana Soumya. In this song I’m impressed with Anjana’s sweet vocals. Praveen Lakma was at his best in providing suitable lyrics. Overall the song is impressive as long as we listen to.
Malle Navvu  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Praveen Lakma Singer: Hariharan, Kousalya
The song begins with a humming tune Ah ha ha…Ah ha ha by both singers. “Malle navvu, bulli navvu, vele navvu, bala navvu” is yet another beautiful song describing various smile patterns. I liked Praveen Lakma’s rhyming style in lyric writing. This is also a romantic song sung by Hariharan and Kousalya. The best part of this song is the lyrics and vocals. This is one song in this album I found the aptly suitable voices. The synchronization is very simple yet striking.
Magadheera  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Praveen Lakma Singer: Vamshi, Chaitra
Finally the album ends with yet another duet number sung by Vamsi again. The female singer in this song is Chaitra. The song and the lyrics are good but in vain due to Vamsi’s vocal rendition. Although Vamsi is not new to singing and music, his voice is not suitable for soft romantic songs like this. The song would have been much more impressive, had it been sung by any professional singer.
All songs are duets, in similar style of composition. It appears Chakri played a safe game by not making a new attempt. Although the tunes are catchy, this album impresses those who are fond of slow and soft tunes. The songs remind us of Vamsi’s past films. My choices are ‘Nee Palukulu’ and ‘Malle Navvu’.
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