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Brindaavanam-Just listen and enjoy the catchy tunes
‘Brindaavanam’ is the latest film from Dil Raju’s production house. He teams up with director Vamsi Paidipally to offer us this triangle love film starring NTR, Kajal Agarwal and Samantha. This combination comes for the first time and the stills are pretty impressive. For the first time Dil Raju also tried to give a break to someone new, therefore he tested the composer like Thaman, who has just delivered one album in the past, i.e., ‘Kick’ which of course is a super duper hit. Let’s see how many stars he scores on this music album.
Theme Of Hero  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Geetha Madhuri, Rita, Ramya
Ha ha! This album opens with a single line theme song in typical NTR style. Geetha Madhuri, Rita and Ramya rendered the vocals and lyrics are written by Anantha Sriram.
Yuvakula  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Remo Ferandes , Ranjith , Revathi
‘Yuvakula’ is a college youth song written by Krishna Chaitanya. With fast vocals delivered by Remo Ferandes, Ranjith and Revathi, you can image NTR’s dance range on this track. The song deals with the humorous aspect of teasing the college girls. Even though the beats are okay, overall it’s just fun to listen to this song. So listen and enjoy!!
Eyi Raja  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Shankar Mahadevan , Shreya Ghoshal
“Eyi Raja” is the romantic duet written by Ananth Sriram. The song starts off with the chorus ‘Sureede Sureede Sukkallo Sureede….’. Thaman gave an infectious catchy beat but its highlight is the powered vocals of Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal. Still I consider this song as not so great because both the singers have given us much better songs than this. However, it is sure to appeal colorful on the screen with the beats, the chorus, the vocals and most importantly NTR’s dance performance.
Nijamena  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Karthik , Suchitra
Yes! After the heavy beat song, this one comes as a fresh air. Listen to this beautiful song, beats are amazing. It’s a romantic song but has a rock touch to it. This song sung by Karthik and Suchitra is supported well by chorus. The beats grab your attention, immediately makes you stand up and dance. I can say that this is the best song of this album till now with a catchy tune and easy lyrics.
Vachadura  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Koti, M.M. Keeravani, K.K, Ranjith
We can expect a heavy dance performance for this song ‘Vachadura’. This is a song describing the happy and joyous occasion on hero returning to his hometown after a long while. The interesting part of this song is the vocals delivered by two music directors- Keeravani and Koti, apart from the playback singer Ranjith. Lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry are interesting. I couldn’t stop jumping around when I listened to this fast number with catchy beats.
Oopirage  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Rahul Nambiar
‘Oopiraage’ is a sad, emotional song that touches deep into the heart. Ramajogayya’s lyrics stay with you. This soothing song was sung beautifully by Rahul Nambiar. The chorus line is so enchanting to ears. The song might not last for long because of its unnoticeable tune, but it definitely touches you whenever you listen to it.
Chinnadho  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Savithri , B. Vasantha , Muralidhar , Sukhwinder Singh , Geetha Madhuri , Baba Sehgal
This track starts beautifully with the lines of old classic “Brindavanamu andharidhi……”. Infact it made me sit up and take notice. I listened to it with utmost fascination but alas! When it transformed into a mass number, huh? There isn’t anything to say except to skip this track.
Mojjaray  Music: Thaman S Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Baba Sehgal , Ranjith , Nikitha Nigam
‘Mojjaray Mojjaray’ is a very different song in this album. It’s a danceable number sure to hit the dance floors shortly. It’s a short song in typical tune of Punjab folk songs. Sung by Baba Sehgal, Ranjith and Nikitha Nigam, this song is not that brilliant but it is a nice song, nevertheless. Lyrics are also okay, nothing special.
As per my opinion, this is not a music album which will stay with music lovers for long. Though Thaman has come up with some good tunes, he failed to match the standards of NTR’s past films’ music. Hence I request you all to listen to the songs and decide for yourself.
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