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Mahesh Khaleja-Contemporary & Trendy

After their successful tie up in ‘Athadu’, Mahesh Babu, Trivikram Srinivas and Mani Sharma once again teams up to deliver this long awaited product ‘Mahesh Khaleja’. The film stars Anushka as leading lady opposite Mahesh Babu and it is jointly produced by C Kalyan and Singanamala Ramesh Babu. ‘Mahesh Khaleja’ is due for release on October 7th. This time Mani Sharma joins hands with lyricists Ramajogayya Sastry and Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry to display the music of the film. The six original sound tracks can be heard on Sony Music cassettes and CDs. Now let’s check out how the Mahesh-Mani combo fairs in this film.
Sada Siva Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ramesh Vinayagam, Karunya
The opening track of the album is a rhythmic driving composition of ‘Om Namo Shiva Rudraya’. The delightful music by Mani Sharma offers interesting sound discoveries where classical and western music merge together. Ramesh Vinayagam and Karunya do support this maestro with their high caliber vocals. Rama Jogayya’s lyrics on Lord Shiva are extremely impressive. Once again Ramajogayya proved with his outstanding lyrics that he has the skills to be a major player. Just listen to this top quality orchestral work on high quality sound system, the extraordinary beats, clapping sounds, vocal rendition, lyrics and the chorus rendition ‘Om Nama Shiva Jai Jai Jai’, all boost your excitement and pleasure. Yes! This superb song will never loose its shine but only puts you in a good mood. A Fantastic start by Mani Sharma.
Bhoom Shakenaka Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ranjith, Shravana Bhargavi
Wow! What a superb start? ‘Bhoom Shakaneka’ starts with mind blowing beats (sound like claps) followed by Ranjith and Shravana Bharghavi’s stylish vocal rendition. This peppy song is quite trendy with Ramajogayya’s mischievous lyrics which outlined his innovative approach to this track. Mani Sharma, being a musical genius came up with a class composition using very light instruments. So keep listening to it as many times as you can if you want some energy.
Piliche Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Hemachandra, Swetha
After listening to first two fantastic numbers, ‘Piliche Pedavula Paina’ also makes you feel good and makes your time pass quickly too. It is a soft romantic number crooned by Hemachandra, Swetha and the chorus. Lyrics for this sound track are penned by Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry. The song opens with two line chants on Nanda Gopala in Hindi followed by a very fragile music and then starts with Hemachandra’s vocal rendition. It’s a good song but not a great one.
Makathika Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Karthik, Saindhavi
So what are you waiting for? A stylish, trendy and energetic peppy number? Listen to this track, you will appreciate it just as much. The racy impact of western beats, vocalists and the chorus makes the song stylish and trendy. Mani Sharma creates ‘Makathika Maya’ with unique and energetic beats. Karthik and Saindhavi make the number livelier with their graceful rendition. Ramajogayya’s youthful lyrics that stuck to the beats like glue will make the listeners sing along.
Sunday Monday Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Hemachandra, Malavika
Yes! Here it is, yet another lovely track with great instrumental. It begins with romantic lines ‘Sunday Monday etc. everyday, roju roju kavali veede….Sunday Monday etc. everyday, Edho Edho korindi moode……give me give me more…. give me give me give me more’. I’m sure this number will be a visual treat for all Mahesh fans, especially the teen girls. Thanks to Ramajogayya for the romantic lines that captures the young hearts. The chemistry of Hemachandra and Malavika has proved prosperous in the past with many hits, of which ‘Bommali’ from ‘Billa’ tops the list. Now the duo has proven themselves once again as best singers with this noteworthy number. Although it may not outnumber the ‘Bommali’ song, it stands on its own because it sounds great.
Taxi Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ranjith
Ha ha! Finally the album ends with this interesting mass number called ‘Taxi’. From its stylish synths opening, this track introduces the hero character of the film. So far in this album, Ramjogayya’s lyrics were pretty interesting and in this track also he smartly attempted in a funky way. Regardless of rhythms, beats, sounds and Ranjith’s playful rendition, the song is a passing number, yet enjoyable!
All in all if you do not compare this music with ‘Athadu’ that came earlier in the trio combination, you will surely enjoy it. The music of ‘Mahesh Khaleja’ is full of pep and youthfulness. My pick of the album is ‘Om Namo Shiva Rudraya’. Once again Mani Sharma exhibits his mastery over the modern musical style. So just enjoy his trendy tracks without any expectations.