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Orange-Tastes like an orange fruit

Anjana Productions, a name associated with films for the last two decades is coming up with this trendy film titled ‘Orange’. It’s just the third film for director Bhaskar and hero Ram Charan Tej. But both have tasted great success through their previous films-Bhaskar with ‘Bommarillu’ and Ram Charan with ‘Magadheera’. Now the duo is coming together with this musical extravaganza called ‘Orange’. The composer of choice is Harris Jayaraj, one of the most happening music composers in Tamil film industry. He had earlier composed music for two straight Telugu films – ‘Vasu’ and ‘Gharshana’. Both the films became musical hits. Now with the hype for this film being very high, let’s see to what extent Harris played his work to woo the hearts of music lovers.
Ol Olaala Ala Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Surendra Krishna, Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Karunya, Ranina Reddy
Wow! The album starts off on a trendy note with “Ooola Oolaala…..Ala choosthe ne Chaala, Ila naa kallu ninne choosthundala, Chaala lovely ga…..Ilaa repavu gola, Madesilona surfing chesthondeela”. Here Karunya delivers a great performance. And Harris Jayaraj’s ability to mix that light rock feel with Karunya’s vocals is of high quality. The second version vocalized by Ranina Reddy is a good addition to the song and helps build the youthful feel. Karunya’s rendition in the following lines is just awesome. “Sydney nagaram vese nerem innallu ninnu taakinchindhi, Sigge paduthu tappe telisi ee rojaina choopinchindi….this is the time to fall in love…fall in love….O my love…Welcome to my heart….I’m in love….I’m in love…U r my love”. Karunya’s voice fits the texture of the song perfectly and Harris’s magnificent composition skills come together to make such simple yet beautiful song. Although the lyrics are nothing to rave about, the song flows nicely and will appeal to the younger generation. If you deeply follow this music, it reminds us many songs composed by Harris in the past, one of them being ‘Venditheralo Bulliteralo Choosinaanu Premante Guddelo Puttindamma Nede’ from ‘Prema Chadarangam’. Still the beauty of this song lies in its simple composition.
Chilipiga Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Karthik
The second track ‘Chilipiga’ is my favourite of the album because of the expressive guitar which happens to be my favourite instrument. ‘Chilipiga choosthavana penavesthavela ninne aapedhela…’ starts off on a great note with Karthik’s silky smooth voice captivating all your senses. His smooth voice only adds to the trendy touch of the song. It will be really interesting to see how this song is picturised. Vanamali’s lyrics are good, but the true highlight of this song is feel good orchestration by Harris. Excellent piece!
Nenu Nuvvantu Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Naresh Iyer, Nadeesha, UV Kackie
“Nenu Nuvvantu…..Veraipunna….Naakeevela…..Neelo Nenunnattuga…..Anipisthuvunde vinthaga….Naa kosam Nene vethikenthaga….Nuvve Lekunte…Emavthano Nee Snehanni kaavalanukunnaanuga…..Kaadante Naa Meedottuga….Yemaina chesta nammettugaa…..”. These lyrics are really wonderful and enjoyable. Thanks to Vanamali for penning such feel good lines. But the vocalist (Naresh Iyer) has pronounced certain words as ‘Abayini’, ‘Nametuga’, etc. He should learn to pronounce them as ‘Abbayini’ and ‘Nammettuga’. It’s not just he, but there are many non-Telugu speaking singers who are spoiling the beautiful Telugu language by their pronunciation. In this regard the producers, directors and lyricists should pay special attention while recording songs with non-Telugu speaking singers. Now coming to orchestration, Harris starts off with a smooth composition and then creates a nice fast paced rhythm in the middle which I loved it. Overall, it’s a sweet song with awesome music.
Hello Rammante Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Vijay Prakash, Devan Dr. Burn
After listening to three feel good songs, here is a fast paced energetic number. Harris uses the techno beats to add to the trendy feel, but Ramajogayya Sastry gives us the run-off-the-mill lyrics and the vocalists also fail to create an impact and reach just the average level. So my verdict for this number is just average.
O Range Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Benny
‘O Range’ is rendered by Benny and starts off great with drum beats. But his vocals really didn’t help this song much. It appears as if Harris is tired of his job. Musically, he didn’t really offer anything that we haven’t heard before, thus making the listeners bored. Lyrics by Vanamali is also passable. I’m terribly disappointed with both songs ‘Hello Rammante’ and ‘O Range’. Trust me! You can simply avoid these two songs.
Rooba Rooba Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Vanamali Singer: Shahil Hada, Chinmayi
Thank God! To wrap up ‘Orange’, this one really creates a sense of relief. ‘Rooba Rooba’ is certainly not as great as the first three songs but at the same time it’s not a poorly composed piece too. This slow paced track indicates that Harris played a safe game by not trying anything new. Vocalists Shahil Hada and Chinmayi are good. Vanamali’s lyrics are okay. On the whole this is an above average track.
Final Verdict: ‘Orange’ has its good and also has its not so good, just like the sweet-sour taste of orange fruit. The album starts off great and drags towards the end. Regardless, this album is being widely accepted due to Ram Charan’s reputation and the marketing of the film will further ensure the high sales of the music album.