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Mirapakai-Dhinaku Dhin is 'The Best'

So far three of Thaman’s music albums were released (Kick, Brindavanam & Ragada) and this is his fourth album. Having proved his worth through the above mentioned albums, Thaman is now the hot and happening music director in Tollywood. ‘Mirapakay’ is the second film for Thaman in Ravi Teja combination and you all are aware how big hit was ‘Kick’ in their combo. Now let’s go in on these tracks and judge if this ‘Mirapakay’ is hot or not.
Adigora Chudu Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Ananth Sriram Singer: Raviteja, Karthick, Rahul Nambiar, Allap Raju, Ranjith
The first song on the album ‘Adigora Chudu…’ is a title track with fast instrumentation. The song is very energetic and the lyrics are pretty youthful. Ravi Teja, in full unison starts yelling in the middle of the song “Ee Prema anedhi gobemma lantidhi, undaga chudithe gobbemmavuddi, nilallo kalipithe kallapavuddi, godakesi kodithe pidakavuddi, ante naa uddesam ela modalavuddo ela finish avuddo naaku theleedhOOOOOOOOO”. The rest of the song, which incorporates the vocals of Karthik, Rahul Nambiar, Allap Raju and Ranjith is so full of energy and liveliness. Lyrics by Ananth Sriram are ok. This is a song of Ravi Teja’s mark.
Gadi Thalupula Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Karthick, Geetha Madhuri
Do you need a nice romantic song to boost your mood? Here it is! The solid catchy beats, smooth vocals and simple lyrics take you to the fantasy world. Making a beat is easy but making a catchy beat that makes you want to press the rewind button again and again is the success of the young music director Thaman. ‘Gadi Thalupula…’ sung by Karthik and Geeta Madhuri with lyrics by Srinivennela Seetarama Sastry is a good catchy number to get stuck in head easily.
Vaishali Vaishali Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: S. Thaman
‘Vaishali very very sorry antunna inkosareee I am sorry….’ is sung by Thaman himself. Thaman is a good musician but his voice is not that interesting. Bhaskarabhatla appears to have penned the lyrics that are aptly suitable to the situation in the story. The lyrics indicate that the smart, sexy hero falls in love with a girl of humble origin and tries his usual tricks on her to seduce her. To be honest, I was kind of bored with the heavy mass beats and unclear vocals. It just didn’t catch my attention.
Silaka Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Rahul Nambiar, Chitra
‘SilakA…raayE silakA….dil mera dhadakA….gundello goli soda peluthunnade…prema pichchI okate kanakA kuneke padakA…..’. These lyrics are written by Bhaskarabhatla which would appeal to the masses. Rahul Nambiar and Chitra rendered vocals. The synchronization is just ok and the track is passable.
Dhinaku Dhin Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Goshal
Aah! Finally this is the song in this album you just can to listen to more than once. This beat and vibe that’s going on, is what I love. I can say that this is the best song on the album. Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghosal are the good choices and I’m happy to hear their vocals on this track. ‘Dhinaku dhin jiya….ninne pyar kiya…paagal ho gaya….pilla nee valla…’ written by Chandra Bose is a class song with mass touch. This is a nice upbeat track from Thaman’s band.
Chirugaley Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: Sahithi Singer: Rita, Megha, Janani. Vardhini, Ranjith, Naveen Madhav
As soon as I pressed play on the track, I was blown away and said WoW. ‘Chirugaley vasthE vasthE vasthu vasthu…vAne thesthE….vAnallo okkO chinuky muthyapuvai poosthE…’. I thought this was going to be one of those mainstream dance songs but it’s pretty short and sweet. However, not much to say about this song, except that it’s just amazing!!!
Mirapakay Music: S. Thaman Lyrics: S. Harish Shankar Singer: Ranjith, Rita
‘Mirapakay’ is a rock song with free flowing music. It’s just a one minute song and pretty much represents the film’s theme. This two line song was written by S Harish Shankar and the vocals are rendered by Ranjith and Rita.
Overall, Thaman’s ‘Mirapakay’ is just okay compared to his other film albums. There is not much spice in ‘Mirapakay’ so as in ‘Kick’. I expected the album to be as interesting as the title ‘Mirapakay’, but…Naah!!!! Only three songs have caught my attention. The first being ‘Dhinku Dhin…’, the second ‘Gadi Thalapula…’ and the third ‘Chirugaley…’ which is short and sweet. But Thaman is likely to score good marks for his magical catchy beats.