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Manmadha Baanam-Please take a chill and just listen to these fantastic songs

Devisri Prasad is known for his elegant melodies and excellent orchestral soundtraks. His crystal clear production gives great stereo dynamic to every piece, a catchy and upbeat feel. After impressing Kamal Haasan with his background score in ‘Dasavataram’, he bagged the opportunity to render the musical scores in Kamal’s next film ‘Manmadha Baanam’ (Manmadha Ambu in Tamil), a romantic comedy directed by K Ravichandran (director of ‘Dasavataram’) featuring Trisha opposite Kamal and Madhavan & Sangeetha in other vital roles. The highlight of this audio album is, Kamal rendering his voice in two songs. Let’s see if Devi had brought the delightful spirit and joyful sounds for this holiday season.
Dhagulu Dhandha Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Sahithi Singer: Kamal Haasan
Wow! What a start! The flimsy drum beat and finger snapping sound which slowly transforms into the solid drum beat followed by the vocals ‘PovE ponilE ani koorchuntE…banthallE aadukuntarA…..BaabU ani salaam kotti nunchuntE……queue lonE khooni chestharA….Saama dhaana bhedha dhandam naalugU Odinapudu….dagulu dandhA chey dagulu dandhA’ and the song continues. I thoroughly enjoyed the wider mix of drums along with finger snaps, guitar, saxophone, etc., throughout the song. Kamal’s vocals are pretty interesting, I liked the way he says ‘Manchivaadu evvadantA, cheddavadu evvadantA, manchonni cheddodiga marchevaade cheddodU…’. I even liked the mix of instrumentation after this stanza. “O olluvanchi kashtapaddA, chillusachE migalangA, kalalanni pogEsI, allesthunna kadhalennO….’ is also a haunting line. Sahiti penned cool lyrics using very simple means. After a very long time, I could hear on the song that has really good positive energy and do not get bored listening to the same song again and again!
Who's the Hero Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Andrea Jeremiah
Wow! What an amazing orchestral piece! It’s like a vintage classic and reminds me of some popular music from Yesteryear. The snap and clap sound, the saxophone, the guitar riffs and the mix of drum beats all appear to be Devi’s favourite. Remember, he had used this kind of mixed instruments in the song ‘Something Something’ from ‘Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana’. So folks, don’t miss this lovely track, ‘Who’s the hero who’s the hero…entha powero emi firero….taatu teese thaandavamlo….veedE veedE jayinchEsarO’. And what can I say about swooping drum beats and clap sounds in the middle of the song. Infact, Devi maintained the perfect rhythm throughout the song. Andrea Jeremiah’s vocals are refreshing and so as the lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry. This delightful track will warm your heart, cheer you up and get you in a holiday mood.
Neelakasam Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Kamal Haasan, Priya Hemesh
‘Neeeeeee laakaasam……Neeeee Naa KOsam’ is a slow hauntingly beautiful melody sung by none other than Kamal Haasan and supported by Priya Hemesh. A good melody is a fundamental part of any musical composition and Devisri knows how to create one such classy song with virtual instruments. A very beautiful melody with gorgeous music. According to the slow beat, Kamal’s voice is soft and the lyrics are also sweet. In today's generation, Devisri Prasad proved many a times how to deliver a quality melody, and this one is no exception. It’s simply a beautiful song. Please take a listen and brighten your day.
Uyyala Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Sahithi Singer: Sagar, Suchitra
After a soft romantic melody, here is a danceable number with nice beats. ‘Ye vuyya vuyya vuyya vuyya vuyyalaa….’ is a country song having a fast beat. This song will get everyone to the dance floor. Sahithi’s lyrics in this song are full of fun and frolic. Vocals rendered by Sagar and Suchitra are also impressive. Here, Devi gives you something to dance to his mass beats.
Kannu Kannu Kalisela Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Vennelakanti Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chinmayi
This is a typical Kamal song that goes in a poetic style from start to end. The track starts with the female rendition rendered by Chinmayi, ‘Kannu kannu kalisela choosthe kalamkam unnadani hechcharika, Ventane cheyitho cheyi kalipindha, siggu thakkuvani hechcharika, Cheera jaarinaa sardhukoka pothe, anubhavam ekkuvani hechcharika, Kalayika mugisaaka kalividiga maatladithe, premaga maarochchu hechcharika, Kavithalu sahithyam maatladithe, kaasuku viluvivvadhani hechcharika, Neetho undadam sukhamannadha, chikkullo chikkuthaav hechcharika, Kothakochche mundhe teliviga, kaamam ane bangaru pantanu anubhavinchaku, Koodiki okkade guriayi nappudu, theesuvetha kaamam mathram anuko, Maguvalu emanukunna sare alochinchaka anni edhurko, Mundhuku vennakku saage peruku, aada magaye chekraalanuko, Kaamameppudu kaamame kaani, prema kaaledhani telusuko, Ee manmadha baanaanni edhurko daniki, dhairyamunna vaallani senagaa thechchuko’. While the lines of female version talks about the woman having specific character traits to attract a ‘Handsome Guy’ (Manmadhudu, the God of love with whom women will fall in love instantly), the male version tells the other side of woman wishing to have a husband who is a perfectionist, but comes across the men who are quite contrast to her wish. Offering prayers to Goddess Varalakshmi she says ‘Parugulu pette nadumalesela kadala theeramlo udayaasthamaanalu bojja ganapathula walking choosa, Maguvalatho manmadha leelalu chese sarasulaina sanyasulanu choosa, Pethathayye sreevariki muppathika arhathalundi kooda aavida leni velalo vaadu inko aavida kaavalantadu, Ye kulamaithe emitammani lokulanantha vethiki choosa, raanu raanu purusha lakshanamunna vaallu raahasam tho bothiga karuvaiyyaru, varaalaniche Varalakshmi asalu nee kelaanti sreevaarocharu, nuvvadigina varaalu entha varaku phalinchaayi, konggune unnatuvanti nee Sreeranga naathudu elaanti vaadu, praanaallo unde anni vishayaalu vaasthavamayye avakaasamundaa, idhiyu, adhiyu, edhiyunu chese thagina sreevaru evarikunnadu, Nee katuvanti sreevarunte nijamga nuvvu adrushta vanthuraalive, naakatuvanti sreevarini ivvu Sree Varalakshmi Namosthute.’ These lines are rendered by SP Balasubrahmaniam, also in a poetic style. Vennelakanti, who penned the thought provoking lyrics, deserves the credit. The song talks about the characteristic traits of men and women in this modern age and adds great exclamation points for transition! We normally find such poetic songs in Kamal’s films. Remember, the beautiful romantic song ‘Kanne Pillavani Kannulunnavani, yenenni vagalu pothunnave chinnari’ written by Atreya in a poetic style which was sung by SPB and Janaki and picturised on Kamal and Sridevi. What a classic song was that? Similarly can we forget the love letter song ‘Kammani Ee Prema Lekhane Raasindhi Hridayame, Priyatama Nee Vachata Kusalama Nenichata Kusalame, Oohalanni Paatale Kanula Thotalo, Kalala Kavitale Maata Maatalo’ in ‘Guna’ which is also in a poetic style! And this one ‘Kannu kannu Kalisela Chosthe’ is a song that depicts the two contrasting shades of a woman and how she views love and sex differently.
Theme of Manmadha Baanam Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Singer:
This theme song featuring bright and glowing music along with the chorus will pump your blood and your head nodding to the beat.
Manmadha Baanam Music: Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Devi Sri Prasad
Finally, the album ends with DSP’s rendition ‘Manmadha Baanam’ in his usual style. The style of drumming beats and Devisri’s typical pulsating vocal style will not bore you at all, if you are his fan. Enjoy!!!
The ear catching rhythms of vivid orchestral tracks spiked with classy touches is heartwarming. This delightful album will bring fun, cheer you up and get you in a holiday mood. Please take a chill and listen to it.