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Kudirithe Kappu Coffee - Taste the Sweetness

‘Kudirithe Kappu Coffee’ is a cute romantic film featuring the young and handsome Varun Sandesh and the fresh face Suma Bhattacharya. Besides the heroine, director Ramana Salva and music director Yogishwara Sharma are also debutants. The film is jointly produced by Siva and Mahi under Moonwater Pictures banner. Yogishwara Sharama is the son of the popular lyricist Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry and is entering into the film industry as music director through this film ‘Kudirithe Kappu Coffee’. Having come from a music background, let’s hope for the best music from this young musician.
Srikaram Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Nihal
Wah! What a beautiful song that starts with a lovely chorus Thom thananana Thom Thananana Thom Thananana Thom Thananana…….followed by SPB’s vocal rendition ‘Srikaram Chuduthunnattu Kammani Kalani Aahvanisthu Nee Kanuletu Choosthunnaye Makkooda Choopinchamma, Prahkaaram Kaduthunnattu Raaboye Pandaga Chuttu Nee Guppitta Edho Guttu Daakkunde Bangaru Bomma’ is just awesome. Right after this comes Nihal’s portion ‘Jala Jala Jala Jaajula Vaana, Kila Kila Kila Kinnera Veena……’ which immensely enhances the beauty of the song. Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry is one of those poets who are known to use all sorts of imaginary to pen the enigma of female beauty. Just follow the entire lyrics of this song, you will sense the sweetness of Telugu nativity, and the singers add some more to it. The little expressions that SPB always puts into each song envelop you into the song. This is a fantastic start for a debut musician Yogishwara Sharma, who hails from a music family.
Edo Edo Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Ranjith, Balaji
‘Edo Edo Edo Edo’ sung by Ranjith and Balaji is a song that tests the hero with questions of love. Therefore this song is more about hope. Yogishwara Sharma gave it a modern touch with his electric keyboards. Although the lyrics are good, this moderately paced melodic rock is good for one time listen.
Athadilo Edo Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Hamsika Iyer
Look at the opening lines of this solo song - ‘Athidilo Edo Mathalabu Undhi Entante Cheppaduga, Athibanu Choosthe Aamadu Dhooram Pothade Vadi Vadiga’. Hamsika Iyer sang it with so much passion and love. The song starts off simple with delicate music and then builds with graceful vocals. Overall it is a very cool song to listen to it and enjoy!!!
Anaga Anaga Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: M.M. Keeravani
‘Anaga Anaga Anaga Anaganaganaga Anthe Inkem Undhi Chaalu Kadha’ is yet another beautiful solo song sung by MM Keeravani. He does a beautiful rendition of this song. The gentle flow of this song reminds us of the beautiful sky, lake, hills, sunrise and sunset. I especially find this kinda chords nice to my ears, hence I enjoyed the form of that song. And not to speak of the lyrics which also immensely impressed me. It’s a neatly composed song by the aspiring musician. A very nice rhythmic song in Sirivennela-Keeravani-Yogishwara combination! Listen to it and enjoy!!!
Andarlaga Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Chitra
Here is one more solo track in female voice. This is sung by Chitra with her sweet voice as beautiful as the singing bird. That different tone adds to the charm of this tender love song. While the soft melody flows smoothly from beginning to end, it gets through to the listener’s mind and touches him when he is all alone. Do take a listen!!
Srikaram Music: Yogishwara Sharma Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Nihal
This is the repeat version of ‘Srikaram Chuduthunnattu…..’. The entire song is same as the first track. The purpose of this repeat version is probably to touch his deepest emotional strings with his music and know the listener’s opinion on his stuff. However, he is a fruitful composer and has a bright future ahead.
The specialty of this album is the way it flows smoothly and effortlessly from one song to the next, thus making it more enjoyable to listen to the entire album instead of picking out a track here and there.