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Vastadu Naa Raju - Puts you in a good mood

Here is yet another album coming from the library of Music Brahma Mani Sharma. ‘Vastadu Naa Raju’ starring Vishnu Manchu and Tapsee Pannu is Mani’s 148th film and it is the first time he is composing music for a Vishnu’s film. The movie is being produced by Vishnu himself under his home banner 24 Frames Factory with Hemanth Madhukar as director. I know I’m a bit late, but I’m finally reviewing.
Hello Every Body Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ranjith, Chorus
‘Hello Everybody’ is an upbeat, youthful peppy song written by Ramajogayya Sastry. The band’s rendition along with Ranjith’s lively singing is pretty impressive. The chorus part is cool. The synchronization is also simple and good to ears. Mani Sharma gave a good rock treatment on this song in his usual style only. Overall, it is a good start.
Padha Padha Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Vennelakanti Singer: Hemachandra, Malavika
This song starts with good guitar riffs followed by clap sounds and foot tapping beats. ‘Padha Padha…’ is a very good acoustic rendition by Mani Sharma. Hemachandra and Malavika’s energetic vocals did pretty well in this song. The song has a country feel mixed with snare drum beats plus guitar and tabla sounds. The chorus is interesting too. Lyrics by Vennelakanti are fine. Overall, this track sounds better than the first.
Sadaymiya Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Vennelakanti Singer: Ranjith, Rita
‘Sadaymiya Sadaymiya Sandatlo Choopisthale…’ is a mass beat song with energetic beats. No doubt Ranjith and Rita sang very well, but we have heard hundreds of such songs before, thus nothing too exciting in this track.
Kalagane Veyla Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Sri Ramachandra, Saindhavi
Aah! At last, a song of my taste. I’m very pleased with the music and sumptuous vocal rendition of Sri Ramanchandra and Saindhavi as well. They gave a very good gentle and mellow vocal treatment on this song. And it gave me a gentle, wooing feel, cool!! This full of warmly romantic melody is beautifully crafted by Mani Sharma. His orchestral textures in this song are very rich. Bhaskara Bhalta’s lyrics are absolutely impressive. Very good choice of words! ‘Kalagane Veyla Nilavadhe PrAyam, Edhuraye Vela Egaradha PrAnam, Chilipi Oohalalona Theliyadhe Samayam, Valapu Dhaarulalona Valapule Madhuram, Yem Mahima ChoopindO, Pranayam, AdagamantondI, Hridayam, Tanuvu TanuvantA, Okalaanti Sambaram, Ee Manasu PaduthuntE, Thakajam, Mathulu Chedipodam, Sahajam, Manaku ManamantU Migalam…..’ Just enjoy it!!! The blissful vocal harmonies are simply fabulous.
Olla Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Vishwa Singer: Ranjith, Janani
‘Olla’ is a cool duet. Mani Sharma gave a new and refreshing acoustic tune. It is a feel good song that surely will cheer you up. The rhythm is really good. Such faster light peppy tunes are good choices for long drives. Even though the songwriting is not that impressive the vocals and the musical style is sweet. Overall, this song takes you to a good mood.
Naathone Nuvvu Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Saketh, Saindhavi
Aaaah! What a sweet melody!!! ‘Naatone Nuvvu, Naalone Nuvvu, Ayinaa Nuv Naato Levu….Ekkada Nenunna, Naa Pakkane Untaavu, Pakkana Untune, Nannu Ontari Chesavu…..Ippatikipudu Ninnu Choodalani Pisthundi, Cheppaka Migilina Maatedo Chebudamanipistundi…’. Wah! What wonderful lyrics? Simple but excellent!! Thanks to Ramjogayya Sastry. Saindhavi’s voice is so soft, sweet, soothing and adorable. Her vocal rendition is simply amazing. She definitely put emotion into the song and the song fitted her so well. Her expressions are lovely. Saketh is also equally good but unfortunately due his ending vocal harmonies, Saindhavi grabs the entire credit. Hats off to the wonderful band’s rendition!!!
Yedho Yedho Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Karthik, Chaitra
Woooo!! How cool is it to ears? ‘Yedho Yedho Yedho Ullaasam, Neelo Naalo Oke Santhosham….Nuvvemito Nene Ne Telusukunnana, Neelo Unde Nanne Ne Kalasukunnana, Nee Navvu Divvelona Ne Velugutunnana, Nee Gunde Gonthulona Na Paluku Vinnana, Yelo Yelo Yenti Dilemma, Ninna Monna Ila Ledamma, Neeku Naaku Etavtundamma, Raana Antu Vachesinda PrEemaA’. Just follow the lyrics and you will understand how effortlessly Ramajogayya penned it in simple literature. His lyrical style is simple and straightforward in the first stanza and when it came to the second stanza it goes into country like style and again returns to usual style. I love the clap sound in the stanza ‘Yelo Yelo Yenti Dilemma…..’. The beats have well executed variations. Karthik and Chaitra are simply fabulous. Both have great voices that compel the listeners to pay attention to them. We are really lucky to have such wonderful singers, isn’t it folks!!! Mani, you are the best, you rock!!!
The songs are pleasing to ears, I’m impressed. The outstanding quality and performance of songs is definitely worth it.