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Golconda High School - Takes you on a musical ride
After delivering the product like ‘Ashta Chemma’ that dealt with a class comedy, the team (Director Indraganti Mohan Krishna, Producer Ram Mohan Paruvu, Music director Kalyani Malik and heroine Swathi) is ready with yet another interesting product ‘Golconda High School’. This movie deals with the cricket game and the audience would not leave theaters without carrying a valuable message. Heroine Swathi made her debut in films through ‘Ashta Chemma’ costarring Nani and this time she has paired up with Sumanth. Kalyani Malik who rendered fabulous tunes in ‘Ashta Chemma’ has once again joined the band wagon to provide the musical scores. So I’ve very high hopes on this music album. Now, let me start my review…..
Jaago Re  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Hemachandra
Wah! What a fantastic start? ‘Oka Vittanam Molakettadam Sari Kottaga Gamaninchudam….’ is a solo song sung by Hemachandra. He was up to his usual standards. Lyrics penned by Sirivennela are indeed one of the most inspirational lyrics of a song. The song will inspire and strengthen the youth. It’s uplifting, full of life and hope. The drum beats are good and keeps you pretty energetic and enjoyable too.
Idi Adhe Nemo  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Sri Krishna, Geetha Madhuri
Aaaaaahhh!!!! Amazing!!!!! Here is an enchanting duet that is captivating. ‘Idi Adhe NemO Alage Undhi, Telusuno LedhO Teleedam Ledhe’ has haunting vocals brilliantly blend with richly woven mesmerizing music. Wah! Wah! The instrumental arrangement with wonderful flowing of vocals by Sri Krishna and Geetha Madhuri takes you on a nice ride. Good song lyrics always come from the heart and this one is no exception. They are simple, yet gorgeous. The song composition defines the musical taste of the composer Kalyani Malik. This soft and soothing song will definitely take you to the relaxing mood. If you love the romance of music, then don’t miss this gorgeous melody!!!
Adugesthey (Female)  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Anuradha Palakurthi
‘Adugesthey Andhe Dhooram Lo Hello….’ is yet another youthful song with fast beat which is great for running. This song can be used for running fast which is guaranteed to get you pumped up for a run. It’s sung by Anuradha Palakurthi. Her voice is different and sounds very natural. The lyrics of this song are totally related to life goal and not to give up in life. The song tells that you got to search within you and find the inner strength.
Yenativo  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Indraganti Srikanth Sarma Singer: Hemachandra
Aaah! ‘Yenativo Bandhaalu Eenaatiki Thochena Ventaadi Laalinchevi…..’, starts with beautiful piano arrangement. It’s a friendship song written by Indraganti Srikanth Sharma. Hemachandra’s voice is the perfect blend of tones that have a passionate and deeply soulful feel to any song. This glorious and fascinating mellow is truly a brilliant musical tour. Everybody wants to relive their school and college days again and this wonderful song transports you to those days, when life was just ‘JOSH’ with friends. In this line, this remarkable melody composed by Kalyani Malik and rendered by Hemachandra just steals you heart away.
Adugesthey (Male)  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Sirivennela Singer: Hemachandra
This one is the male version of ‘Adugesthey’. Sung by Hemachandra, it’s catchy with pumping music to run. This fast beat techno song is the repeat of the 3rd track, but still you can listen again and again if you want to cheer yourself up.
GHS Yuddhabheri  Music: K. Kalyani Malik Lyrics: Singer:
Finally the album ends with the theme song. This song comes in the climax when two cricket teams meet at finals. This authentic music is one of the greatest works of Kalyani Malik.
Take some time out and listen to these lovely compositions. They are just AWESOME!!!!
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