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Raj - Enjoy an evening of romance & alluring tunes
After a moderate success of ‘Golkonda High School’, ‘Raj’ is Sumanth’s 2nd film in 2011. This includes the dusky beauty Priyamani and the glam beauty Vimala Raman in the lead opposite Sumanth. To handle the music department, Koti has been roped in to do the honors. The album already hit the charbusters with Madhura Entertainments label behind it. Produced by Kumar Brothers and directed by VN Aditya, ‘Raj’ is slated to release during 1st week of March. Now let’s move on.
Sootiga Chusevaa  Music: Koti Lyrics: Avinash Singer: Hemachandra, Sunitha
Wah! The album starts with a fantastic romantic song sung by Sunitha and Hemachandra. This song ‘Sootiga Chusavaa Siggule Repava Othikai Poyela Chesaaavaa..’ was written by Avinash. In general for soft romantic numbers the lyrics must be impressive for the listeners to get the right feel. In this song Avinash made an attempt to compile the right romantic lines. The best part about this song is the musical composition that has a smooth sailing feel. Sunitha and Hemachandra actually were as romantic as the song’s lyrics imply. This song is now being canned at the exotic locations of Kodaikanal on Sumanth and Priyamani. Listen & Enjoy!!!
Andamuto Pandemuga  Music: Koti Lyrics: Singer: Siddarth, Malavika
This is a mid-night masala song that makes you feel tenderly drowsy. The song does not make you sleepy, but rather it’s so relaxing and so flowing that it will tell you about the feel for lust. The situation appears to be a forbidden love that the music expressed very well. Malavika, who earlier rendered vocals for many such lust songs was at her best. Infact, both Siddharth and Malavika sang it with expression of love and lust to infect the listeners. The slow paced song captured a musical style for its considerable use of instruments.
Kalakaadugaa  Music: Koti Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Sashikiran, Anjana Soumya
Romantic and catchy, the tune is a jolt of this song. ‘Kalakaadugaa’ is a fast paced, exciting duet with a striking instrumental beat. The lyrics written by Kandikonda boost the right kind of mood and make the song passionate. Anjana Sowmya proves herself, the best suitable singer for this song for which Sashikiran’s voice also gels well. Overall, it’s a very cool song to listen.
Nanne Nenu Marachipoya  Music: Koti Lyrics: Pavani Manichandra Singer: Deepu, Sravana Bhargavi
‘Nanne Nenu Marachipoya’ is a duet in rock style. But one major drawback in this song is that the vocalists do not dominate the band even though they deliver the vocals with much ease. The reason being, usage of heavy metal band! Otherwise lyrics and music departments do their job fine. A nice audible duet that allures the listeners!
Prathi Kala Naalo  Music: Koti Lyrics: Avinash Singer: Sri Krishna, Pranavi
This is a sad duet that explores the orchestral percussion. Written by Avinash, the vocals are rendered by Sri Krishna and Pranavi who dominate the show with their classy singing. The drum beats and the tune of ‘Prathi Kala Naalo’ attract a lot. The lyrics aptly fit to the theme and Koti’s composition gels well too.
Bhimavaram Bulloda  Music: Koti Lyrics: Vennelakanti Singer: Sri Krishna, Sunitha
The soundtrack concludes with a remix song ‘Bhimavaram Bulloda Paalu Kavala Muripaalu Kavala’ sung by Sunitha and Sri Krishna. Koti knows the values of the original, so churns out the remix version with utmost assurance. The chorus that he used in the middle gels very well with the song. Vennelakanti gives a splendid touch to the original lyrics, which are taken into the best musical arrangement by Koti. A superb re-mixing track that straight away lures your hearts!
Overall, this album has everything in store for music lovers from melodious romantic tracks to the foot-tapping numbers. Musically, ‘Raj’ is a sure shot winner all the way for Sumanth, Koti, Kumar Brothers and VN Aditya.
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