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Shakti - Enthralls people from all walks of life

Young Tiger NTR’s ‘Shakti’ audio was launched recently and the combination of NTR-Mani Sharma is rocking with excited numbers. We hear that the album is set to smash the sales record. After ‘Kantri’, the combination of NTR-Meher Ramesh-Mani Sharma-Ashwini Dutt is repeating in the form of ‘Shakti’ and we are also going to see the NTR-Ileana pair once again after ‘Rakhi’. Here I go to review the music of this much anticipated film.
Thaliya Thaliya Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ranjith
‘Shakti’ audio album opens with a track that comes with a lot of energy that makes you want to shake your body to its drum beats. Ranjith sang this heavy beat number in full range for which Ramajogayya Sastry penned the lyrics. ‘Thaliya Thaliya’ is a powerful mass song through which Mani Sharma’s band tries to appeal to the masses. If you are an NTR’s fan, you might lap this one up, otherwise not much in here for you.
Prema Desham Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Hemachandra, Saindhavi
Aaaahh! This is a very peppy romantic song that adds a lot of peppy mood to the situation. Mani Sharma has composed this most beautiful song with captivating music. Yes! The musician is known for his large volume of works that continue to enthrall us to this day. The vocals by Hemachandra and Saindhavi are enchanting and float gently. The highlight of this wah wah track is the interesting instrumental development. Lyrics are also pretty impressive that one will enjoy if he/she pays attention to it. Mani Sharma composed it with a good rhythm and feeling to the song. Overall, a very competent piece of music, enjoy by listening to it!
Mathileka Pichiga Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Ranjith, Chinmayi
‘Mathileka Pichiga’ is a foot-tapping track that definitely gives a lot of happy mood. Very well produced funky sounding tune, the two voices of Ranjith and Chinmayi really worked well together and the beats used within the piece is very catchy. The track starts with different style of instrumentation. Well the whole arrangement of song is sounding cool and interesting. Yes! I did enjoy listening to this fantastic number.
Maha Rudra Shakti Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Ranjith, Muralidhar, Hanumantha Rao, Hemachandra, Rita, Saindhavi, Malavika
This is once again a heavy beat song. It’s a devotional song on Maha Rudra Shakti. Ranjith, Hemachandra, Muralidhar, Hanumantha Rao, Saindhavi, Malavika and Rita were the chanting group. This powerful chant would appeal only on silver screen since it’s a theme song on ‘Shakti’.
Surro Surra Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Javid Ali, Suchitra
‘Surro Surra’ is an item number sung by Suchitra, Javid Ali and chorus. Yes! The item number is an essential element for any Indian commercial film and ‘Shakti’ is no exception. This being an item number, the vocalists sing in an erotic manner and Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics aptly fits the bill. The song is in intro style with heavy rural touch to it. And one can image the way these modern hyper-erotic songs would be, which are mainly aimed at young male audiences. Enjoy the song how you want though!
Yamaga Unde Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Karunya, Malavika
This is also a mass beat danceable number. While the song starts with the male version: ‘Yamaga Unde Nee Andham Eighth Wonder Laa…Guma Gumaga Kavvisthunde Kaalu Duvvela’, the female version is ‘Amaantha Mochi Dhookave Young Tiger Laa…Eda Peda Naa Vayasantha Kolla Kottelaa…’. If you concentrate on the lyrics, you can figure out that the lyricist used NTR’s title ‘Young Tiger’ in this song. And of course it is understood that the lyrics are aimed at NTR’s fans, but this bouncy song catches you enough to dance to the drum beats. Mani Sharma creates a very perky atmosphere to the song for which the young and energetic singers (Karunya & Malavika) render vocals with full of zeal. The beats are pretty fast and it would be interesting to watch the Young Tiger and the Curvaceous Beauty dancing to this catchy tune. Highly energetic, Enjoyyyyyyy!!!
Mahishasura Mardhini Music: Manisharma Lyrics: Singer: Sri Vardhini, Aalap - Sharatha
The chanting of this ‘Mahishasura Mardhini’ was rendered by Sri Vardhini, Aalap and Sharatha. I predict that this chanting comes in the climax. Mani Sharma composed it in a different style for the commercial purpose of the film.
Out of 7 tracks in the album, ‘Thaliya Thaliya’ is a mass number, ‘Surro Surra’ is an erotic number, ‘Prema Desam’ is a cool romantic song, ‘Mathilekha Pichiga’ and ‘Yamaga Unde’ are the playful love songs and ‘Maha Rudra Shakti’ and ‘Mahishasura Mardhini’ are the devotional tracks. So the album has a good share of peppy songs and devotional numbers that will please not just NTR fans, but anyone from 6 to 60.