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Nenu Naa Rakshasi – Padithinammo is a stand out piece

‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ is yet another wholesome romantic entertainer from Puri Jagannath spiced with romance and humor. The movie stars tall and handsome Rana and the curvy beauty Ileana. Rahman (don’t mistake him for AR Rahman) has composed the tunes for this film. Now let’s check out the album to see if there is any unusual stuff.
Malli Malli Merupula Music: Rahman Lyrics: Rahman Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
‘Malli Malli Merupila’ written and composed by Rahman is an emotional love song rendered by Shankar Mahadevan. Rahman wrote this love song about hero’s crazy feelings towards his woman. His lyrical abilities are of course noteworthy, but his composition is not as impressive. Shankar Mahadevan, also known as the Breathless Mahadevan sang it with remarkable ease. But on the other hand, the song is quite boring with heavy instrumental music and chorus.
Padithinammo Music: Vishwa Lyrics: Vishwa Singer: Vishwa
‘Padithinammo’ is a fabulous number, so much that you would just want to backtrack and play it again. Rahman combined the hard rock and jazz music to make this piece, which is quite innovative. The song was written and sung by Vishwa. Lyrics are aptly written for Ileana, who is actually a curvaceous beauty. Here is couple of lines from the song. ‘Vayyari ninnu choosi nannu nenu mariachi poya…Nee vompu sompu choosi naalo nenu murisi poya…..(Repeat)… Ilaga eduru raga palakarincha kalavarinchAaa..Andala nadaka choosi rajahamsala paravasinchA…..PadithinammO…padithinammO…padithinammO….padithinammO…padithinammO…padithinammO…premalona padithinammo…”. Enjoy this peppy song which might have been funkily choreographed and picturised as well. If you ever close your eyes while listening to this song, then probably images might just pop in your head.
Meenaachi Music: Vishwa Lyrics: Vishwa Singer: Geeta Madhuri, Vishwa, Rahul Nambiyar
As hot masala songs are quite essential in every Indian film, this one is no exception. The key formula for any mainstream success is the cheesy masala song. This being a mass beat song, the words Vishwa used in this song, ‘Meenaachi…voduka meenaachi jatka livvu meenaachi, Meenaachi…hottu mirichi…podaam padave Pollachi’ are quite contrast to that of the previous song. The catchy beats and the haunting words are sure to grab the attention of front benchers. After all they come to theaters seeking some real fun through glam dolls. Geeta Madhuri, Vishwa and Rahul Nambiyar rendered vocals for this track. They sang the song in the usual mass style.
Papam Punyam Music: Rahman Lyrics: Rahman Singer: Bhargavi Pillai, Hemachandra
‘Papam Punyam’ track kicks off with some funny lines ‘Devudu, vaadikedo pani kavali kabatti manishulnu shrustinchi aadukuntunnadu, Aadi sukham kosam manam balai pothunnam, Aadu kashtaalu pedithe oorukuntaama, Aadini confuse chesi haayaiga bathikeyali, Evadi maata vinakoodadu, Emi pattinchuko kudadhu, Madatha petti thossey!” These lines are no doubt funny to listen, but at the same time it also tells to what extent we are respecting God. Very sad indeed! But otherwise, it’s the terrific piece of music in its own right. The guitar riffs and clapping sound effects add great variety to the piece. It is well produced and solid. The arrangements themselves are interesting. Bhargavi Pillai’s playful rendition in her husky tone is the essence to the song. Hemachandra needs no introduction as he is best known for his work till date. The song certainly sets itself towards the playful mood.
Padithinammo (Remix) Music: Vishwa Lyrics: Vishwa Singer: Vishwa
This is the repeat version of ‘Padithinammo’ which is again written and sung by Vishwa. The tune of the song is similar except that the composer mixed the song in a western style. But this song is not as enjoyable as the original track due to the heavy music.
Nenu Na Rakshasi (Theme) Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Singer:
Music director Rahman ends the romantic album with the theme musical track which is instrumental and chorus contribution.
Overall, ‘Nenu Naa Rakshashi’ is nothing great except that ‘Padithinammo’ is a stand out piece with some great orchestral rendition.