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Babloo - For the youth and mass
‘Babloo’ is a youthful entertainer being directed by G Ravicharan Reddy and produced by Gudur Jhansirani under SPJ Creations banner introducing Manoj Tej as hero. Music has been composed by Chakri for this film which was released by K Raghavendra Rao on April 28th on a grand note. Chakri does not need any introduction as everyone is aware of his musical hits. Hence, let’s hope that the music of ‘Babloo’ is different from his past films.
Theme Song  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Noel
The album starts with a title track sung by Noel. Chakri composed it in Indian and western style. Lyrics are penned by Kandikonda and they describe the hero’s characterization named Babloo. The mix of English and Telugu catchy words would instantly capture the young brains. On the whole it’s an energetic song that the youngsters would love to enjoy in parties.
Thappo Oppo  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Chakri
Chakri himself sang this song besides composing the tune. ‘Thappo Oppo Nachinde Cheddam, Nachanidhi Oppaina Chesidhi Laabham, Labham Nashtam Edaitenti Raayesi Choodham, Dhakindhe Mana Sontham Payanisthu Veldham…’, is a typical song for the youth. The lyrics are catchy but Chakri’s instrumental music has overshadowed much of his vocal output.
Chikna Chikna  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Ravivarma, Shivani
‘Chikna Chikna’ is yet another peppy number. It was sung by Ravi Varma and Shivani. Their vocals were okay. Lyrics by Kandikonda were okay too, not great. This is a danceable number which will be liked mostly by kids and adolescents.
Nee Navve  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Chakri, Kausalya
‘Nee Navve’ is a duet song rendered by Chakri and Kausalya. Kandikonda’s lyrics are simple, yet impressive. Music flows smoothly in a romantic style. Kausalya’s voice is very sweet but Chakri’s voice is not suitable for romantic numbers. And that’s the only drawback for this song.
Okkasari  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Vasu, Aadarshini
‘Okkasari Orachoopu Nannu Choosthe, Kohinoor kottukochi istha….’ is a mass beat song. This jazz number might appeal to the front benchers. Vasu and Aadarshini’s vocals are quite good and of course the catchy beats are good for dance floors. The visuals of this song with colourful costumes and attractive set designs might capture the audience’s attention.
Nee Intiperu  Music: Chakri Lyrics: Kandikonda Singer: Simha Bhagavathula
‘Nee Intiperu’ is yet another typical mass number written by Kandikonda. Simha Bhagavathula rendered his voice to this song. His voice aptly suited this number. The beats are very common and Chakri composed the song at ease without any big efforts. We have heard of this music many a times in the past, yet it’s interesting to shake our shoulders and dance to the tune.
On the whole the music of ‘Babloo’ might appeal to the youth and mass audiences. The music is neither too good nor too bad. But there is nothing wrong in giving it a try. Who knows, you might like it!!!
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