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Veera - Music with a typical Ravi Teja feel attached

As you all are aware, the music of ‘Kick’ was a super duper hit, especially the song ‘Go…go’ was sensational and appealing to the masses. After that, came ‘Mirapakay’ in the same combination Ravi Teja-Thaman, which was above average. Now the same combo is repeating for the third consecutive time for the film ‘Veera’ which is being directed by Ramesh Varma and produced by Ganesh Indukuri under Sanvi Productions. With two sizzling heroines Kajal Agarwal and Taapsee Pannu opposite Ravi Teja, ‘Veera’ is said to be the action packed mass entertainer. The music of this album has some mass appeal songs. Let’s check out….
Ekkadekkada Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Ramjogayya Sastry Singer: Ramya NS
The album opens with this energetic song ‘Ekkadekkadunnado…’ written by Ramajogayya Sastry which exemplifies the playful vocals of the singer. Ramya’s husky voice is so seductive and the chorus also gels well with her voice modulation. Thaman used some of the western style orchestras and composed the song by blending Indian and western style. Ramajogayya’s lyrics might quickly fly into young minds as the song is interspersed with plenty of English lyrics. Even more exciting is the effect of the instruments that makes the track entertaining. On the whole Thaman’s music and Ramya’s vocals make sure to keep the energy high.
O Meri Bhavri Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Rahaman Singer: S. Thaman, Bindhu Mahima
This is a mid-tempo song that starts off with a unique beep sound. The rhythm of ‘O Meri Bhavri’ sounds like a Hindi song and then transforms into a southern style song with Bindhu Mahima’s singing style. Thaman himself lent his voice which aptly suited this genre. Mahima’s voice is fresh and sounds sexy too. The rhythmic beep sound, drum beats and clapping of hands are interesting to ears. Although there are many songs in this style, still this number sounds fresh because of Thaman’s creative thinking. Well! Rahaman’s lyrics are of the same fashion, but its okay as long as today’s youth are not bored of listening to them.
Chitti Chitti Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Karthik
‘Chitti Chitti’ is a typical mass masala song which will appeal to the mass masala movie lovers. It was sung by Karthik and the unknown female voice that is equally energetic. Bharakabhatla’s lyrics are in country style and definitely have the ability to catch on with the masses. Thaman gave a typical masala treat to match Ravi Teja’s label. So all Ravi Teja’s fans out there, here is a song for you to enjoy!!!
Chinnari (Montage Bit) Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Sirasri Singer: Karthik
‘Chinnari’ is a beautiful montage bit sung by Karthik. Sirasri wrote the song with beautiful passionate lyrics. Beginning with soft humming, this tune has been sung by Karthik in his soft and soothing voice. The song is short, sweet and sounds absolutely phenomenal to the album. Just listen to it!
Hossanam Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Ranjith, Roshini
‘O Sanam! Full Happy gundhE Ee kshanam, Nuvvu nannE nannE choodadam, Na gundenu pattuku laagadam, Oh hO hO….O Sanam! Picha Happy gundhE Ee kshanam, Nee madhilO chOtE ivvadam, Naaku nEnE muddhochEyadam…..’ is lyrically and rhythmically very pleasing to ears. The song starts with Roshini’s delicate voice, followed by Ranjith’s vocal rendition for the above cute lines which gave the song a very relaxing feeling. I was really impressed with Bhaskarabhatla’s romantic and subtle way of writing lyrics. But as the song progresses, the lyrics and vocals emerged like an item number giving it an assorted feel. But for singer Roshini, she had a good opportunity to exhibit her skills by varying sophistication of her alto voice. At one stage Thaman’s background music became considerably boring.
Mavilla (Remix) Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Bandaru Danayya Kavi Singer: Muralidhar, Ganga
This track is a remix of ‘Mavilla thota kaada pandisthe….’ from Sr NTR’s blockbuster movie ‘Driver Ramudu’. Infact, it’s really an enjoyable number and a treat to the audience. Although the drum beats are old, yet they are interesting due to the rhythm and we find ourselves automatically dancing to the tune. Muralidhar and Ganga are the apt singers for this song genre. They have done a fantastic job and their vocals are worthy to listen to. Lyricist Bandaru took the Pallavi part from the old song as it is and then inserted the charanam lines as per the character played by Ravi Teja in ‘Veera’. On the whole the lyrics, vocals and the music are good. Thanks to Bandaru Danayya Kavi and Thaman for reminding us of this superb folk number. Nonetheless its vivacious and energetic appeal will certainly make this remix number also quite popular in its own way.
Veera Veera Music: S.S. Thaman Lyrics: Abhinaya Srinivas Singer: MLR Karthikeyan, Ranina Reddy
‘Veera Veera’ is a typical mass song that sample Ravi Teja. MLR Karthikeyan and Ranina Reddy croon this number in punch packed rhythmic style. Abhinaya Srinivas penned the lyrics that are mass appealing and naughty. The beats are fast, peppy and heavy sounding. Thaman finally ends with an energetic and fun loving song, which is exclusively crafted for front benchers.
As compared to ‘Kick’ and ‘Mirapakay’, the musical scores of ‘Veera’ is just average with youth and mass centric songs. On the whole the songs might appeal to the audience with some lively picturizations and choreography. In the mean time, I recommend ‘Chinnari’ and ‘Mavilla Thota Kada Pandisthe’.