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Badrinath-Explore Keeravani's variety band music

When we go back to 2003, Allu Arjun-Keeravani combination delivered a smashing hit ‘Gangotri’, which is one of the biggest hits for both. Now the previous record from this combination demands a health dose in ‘Badrinath’. Being directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind, expectations would certainly be high on this Geetha Arts’ film. And yes, Badrinath’s musical scores sound pretty damn promising.
Omkareswari Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Late Sri Veturi Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, M.M. Keeravani
‘Badrinath’ album makes for an auspicious start. Yes! ‘Omkareswari Srihari Nagari Idhigo Ra Badari, Vaikunteswari Siriki Nagari Adigo MahimagirI….’ is the song on Lord Vishnu. Late Sri Veturi pens these powerful lines. The heavy drumming coped together with Shankar Mahadevan and M M Keeravani’s vocals along with the chorus chanting ‘Hari Om’. Keeravani’s choice of instrumentation provides great support to the vocal strength. Being set in the holy town of Badrinath, this song may even challenge the amazing look alike Badrinath set.
Ambadhari Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Revanth, Shravana Bhargavi
‘Ambadhari’ is a catchy and enjoyable song that starts out with a gem, ‘Ambadhari JagadAmbadhari Na Vennadhari Kudi KannadharI, Lambadhari BrahmarAmbadhari Na Champadhiri AracheyyadharI, NuvvA dhari nEnA Ee dhari nE nA Aasalu mudirI, yE yE Aa dhari pagalu Ee dhari renditi nidare chedirI, Adiri Chedhiri Kudhiri Mudhiri, Ninnu Nannu Kalipenu Badari, Ninnu Nannu Kalipenu Badari….’. Chandra Bose pens the lines awesomely with rhyming words. Keeravani does a nice job with his choice of drum beats. In the beginning, he starts with guitar riffs and hand clapping, then begins the foot tapping beats. Revanth and Shravana Bhargavi’s vocal rendition flows evenly and rhythmically. This song reminds me of NTR-B Saroja Devi’s old classic ‘Repanti Roopam Kanti…..’ sung by Late Gantasala garu and Smt P Susheela. Once again, Keeravani provides us with a fresh and feel good number. Although the lyrics have nothing great to offer, you will find yourself humming along and dancing with the drum beats.
Nachavura Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: M.M. Keeravani, Anantha Sriram Singer: Sriramachandra, Chaitra
‘Nachavura Vadalanu Ra Vadalanu Ra….’ is a charming duet which is catchy, all the while it really draws you in to its world. The music itself is nice enough and stand up well on its own. Almost every story has an element of romance and love is the most powerful of the human emotions. In this line, this catchy duet is extremely endearing to our lead pair. Well, the vocals and lyrics are extremely romantic. This soft-romantic and good melody sung by Sriramachandra and Chaitra, creates a deep impression on Telugu audience.
Nath Nath Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Jassie Gift, Sunidhi Chauhan
‘Kannu Moosthe Badrinath, Kannu Theristhe Badrinath, Kodi Koosthe Badrinath, Lady Lesthe Badrinath, Kallo Gira gira gira gira mantu thirige Thalupe Badrinath, Nath Nath, Nath Nath…..Nath Nath Nath Nath Naalo Badrinath…..’ is one of the most energetic and catchy songs. Chandra Bose penned these naughty and playful lyrics that matched perfectly to the tune. The energetic joy with which the singers Sunidhi Chauhan and Jassie Gift deliver this tune is sure to capture the masses. The nature of the band is fast through out the track. Keeravani maintains the same tempo from start to end. This is another dance number, whose repeated words ‘Nath Nath Nath Nath’ will get stuck in your mind.
Chiranjeeva Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Revanth, Shreya Ghoshal
‘Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva….Sukhibava Sukhibava Sukhibava….’ is a beautiful and warm romantic song that will bring out your passion for running through green mountains and lush emerald valleys. The song starts off in the fragile state, and slowly builds up energy. The chorus and clapping sound adds beauty to the song. I really enjoyed the nice touch of the strings and the delicate nature of lyrics. This beautiful song is interspersed with contemporary vocals and groovy beats. I do not know much about Revanth, but I can undoubtedly say that he did an awesome job with the vocals. Shreya Ghoshal is always high on melody and she still continues to mesmerize the music lovers with her sweet voice. I can’t help it, the melody on the hook is magical.
Ambadhari (Remix: Achu) Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Anuj Gurwara, Geetha Madhuri
This is the remix version of ‘Ambadhari Jagadambadhari….’ sung by Anuj Gurwara and Geetha Madhuri. In general, the remixing of a track is to be better than the original. But when it comes to this song, I don’t even want to listen to it, the flip on the other hand is boring. It just did not live up to the original at all. There are many good songs in this album, hence in my opinion, this song can be skipped.
Vasudhara Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: M.M. Keeravani, Swetha Pandit
Aww! How beautiful a romance can be? Want to get closer to your beloved? Headphones on and enjoy this wonderful piece. Nothing can work better than the musical love lyrics, the magical melody and the mind blowing music composition to make your day special with your beloved. ‘Vasudhara..’ is a beautiful romantic classic with Swetha Pandit’s rich smooth voice and Chandra Bose’s romantic lyrics. Some of those romantic lyrics are, “VasudhArAaaa……VasudhArAaaaa…Pongi Pongi Pothondi JaladhAra, Vaibhavanga Vasthondi Vasudhara, Pongi Pongi Pothondi JaladhAra, Vaibhavanga Vasthondi VasudhAra, Aadhara Naa Prema GadharamautuntE, Aakasa Meghala AaseesulautuntE, Vaana Jallutho Vantheneyaga, Vendi Poolatho Dandaleyaga, VayasE NadhilA VaradhaI NadhilA VasudhArAaa…..Pongi Pongi Pothondi Jaladhara, Vaibhavanga Vasthondi Vasudhara…..”. While these expensive notes by Chandra Bose are incredible, the addition of strings to Swetha-Keeravani’s vocals promises something more. I can say that this piece is the album’s best track.
Badrenath Theme Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad Singer:
Keeravani ends the album with Badrinath theme fast beat song with lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad. It starts out with fast beat chant to match the fast pace action in the climax of this action packed film.
In The Night Music: M.M. Keeravani Lyrics: Shravana Bhargavi Singer: Baba Sehgal, Shravana Bhargavi
‘In The Night So Young And When The Stars Are High You Like A Bright Sun Shine O My, Dhikku Tara Dhikku Tara Dhikku Tara Dhikku Tara….’ is a nice dance number written and sung by Sharavana Bhargavi along with Baba Sehgal. Lyrically, the entire song is in English except the repeat words like ‘Dhikku Tara’ and ‘Jaane Jana’. The song is pretty good with banging beats. It’s a good danceable number that is gonna be hot on the dance floor.
By and large, the songs are pretty enjoyable, especially if you think ‘Vasudhara’ is a spectacular song, you will definitely be amazed by this album, if you think the original version ‘Ambadhari Jagadambadhari’ is the best song, well, you really need to buy the CD right now. For sure, you will explore the variety, passion and cheerfulness of Keeravani’s band.