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Sega - Good album with some nice enjoyable songs

After the super success of ‘Ala Modalaindi’, the hit pair Nani and Nithya Menon is back with yet another interesting film titled ‘Sega’. ‘Sega’ is a bilingual film which is titled as ‘Veppam’ in Tamil. It’s the directorial debut of a lady director Anjana. Bindi Madhavi is essaying an important role along with the lead pair. Joshua Sridhar composed music for this youthful flick produced by Ashok Vallabhaneni under Mana Desam Movies banner. Out of six tracks in the album, Sree Mani penned lyrics for four of them and Kedarnath Parimi for two.
Oka Devatha Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Benny, Clinton
‘Oka Devatha Dosedu Varamulatho Tharimithe Entha Sukham, Nuvvu Kasuruga Visirina Choopulake Kaligenu Antha Sukham…’ is light-hearted and sweet song written by Sree Mani. Benny and Clinton lent their voices for this cute number. The chorus also shows the dreamy quality. The song starts off with a clean tone guitar intro by Jashua Sridhar’s band. It is indeed a sweet song to listen to but not for dancing.
Varsham Munduga Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Sunitha Sujanne
Have you ever experienced sweet love? Here it is. - ‘Varsham Munduga Mabbula Gharshana Manasuna Musirene Idhi Mari Pranayama Pranayama….’. Sree Mani penned these sweet lyrics and the tune is even easier to dance with your sweetheart in your apartment. It’s one of the beautiful romantic pieces. The song is about missing someone when they are gone, but knowing that, despite the distance, you are made for each other.
Merupunu Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Vijay Narain, Benny
‘Merupunu Taake Vayasidhi, Mabbutho Aade Manasidhi, Chaka Chaka Chakamani Charithanu Marchaga Ra Ra….’ are nice youthful lyrics that are to be pointed out. Written by Kedarnath Parimi, Vijay Narain and Benny delivers worthy performances enthusiastically except that the singers have to be careful while pronouncing the letter ‘Sa’, like for instance the word ‘Aasalu’ was pronounced as ‘Aashalu’. Apart from this, the song is youthful with good beats although Joshua has not tried anything new.
Padham Vidichi Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Karthik
Wow! What makes this song impressive is the melody with a beautiful set of lyrics. Yes! Lyrics by Sree Mani deserve a special mention. ‘Padham Vidichi Etu Poyenu Bhuvanam, Aadha Marachi Etu Vellenu Payanam, Ningi Nelapai Lekunda Manamekadunna…Kanulaventa Paduthunnai Kalale, Manasu Munchi Veluthunnai Alale, Vayasu Konchi Vestunte Valalo Padutunna’ are totally enthralling. A really nice song with the sharp and clear production and there is a strong tendency of the song being good when Karthik delivers it. The music sounds delicate and beautiful through out the song. It’s a very beautiful song to listen to.
Rani Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Sree Mani Singer: Apoorva
‘Rani ne Maharani’ is a pure mass masala number sung by Apoorva. But the song is not that strong even though the beats are catchy. Lyrics by Sree Mani are okay. Overall it is a passable song with passable composition.
Sega Music: Jashua Sridhar Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Jashua Sridhar
‘Sega’ is a title track for which Kedarnath Parimi pens inspirational and relevant words. One can recognize Jashua’s efforts, both as a composer and singer in this track. This rock band track might appeal the generation today.
Overall, the album has some good songs. ‘Varsham Munduga’ and ‘Padham Vidichi’ sounds crystal clear and beautifully recorded. ‘Oka Devatha’ and ‘Merupuna’ slightly less fine but still enjoyable. The closing two songs let the side down but on the whole this album is good to listen to.