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Kodipunju - For the class and the mass

‘Kodipunju’ is a romantic action entertainer blend with family drama on village backdrop being directed by B V V Chowdary. Tanish, who made a remarkable debut as hero through Usha Kiron Movies’ ‘Nachchavule’, did some good films later. Now, for the first time he is going to appear in an action oriented role that has a mass touch. Anchal is playing his lady love and senior actress Roja is portraying a powerful role as his mother Daggubati Seetaratnam. Anoop Rubens composed the music for the songs written by Bhaskarabhatla and Krishna Chaitanya. Anoop Rubens is an upcoming music director who delivered some decent music in films like ‘Jai’, ‘Dhairyam’, ‘Veedhi’, ‘Naa Style Veru’, ‘Andhari Bhanduvayya’ and the recent one ‘Prema Kavali’. Now let’s check out the music of ‘Kodipunju’ which recently hit the market.
Egase Egase Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Anoop Rubens, Chaitra
The album opens with a beautiful track ‘Egase Egase’ which creates a refreshing feeling. This one has besides Anoop Rubens’ own voice and the female version was sung by Chaitra. The opening sound of music is such a delight to listen to. The tune and voices gel well with the theme. The beats are as gentle as vocals and equally attractive. Lyrics are beautifully written by Bhaskarabhatla. This one is for the music lovers.
Ko Ko Ko Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Karthikeyan, Chaitra, Anoop Rubens, Chorus
It’s interesting!!! ‘Ko Ko Ko Koro Kokoroko…’ is a beautiful traditional folk number for which Karthikeyan, Chaitra and Anoop Rubens lent their voices. Lyrics are written by Bhaskarabhatla. The song is catchy and what is interesting is the beats and the aptly suitable singer’s voice. This is one of the best swinging traditional numbers. Don’t miss!!!
Chitti Chitti Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Sabeeha
‘Chitti Chitti’ is for melody lovers. Sabeeha renders it with zest. Very soothing to the ears and enlightening. This song has everything to recommend it. The lyrics hold you enough to sit down and listen to the song. The number will undeniably touch the listeners’ ears. The credit goes to Anoop Rubens for his musical sounds and Sabeeha for her lilt in the singing. This one is a gem.
Chinnadana Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Anoop Rubens
So we finally arrived at the mass song. ‘Chinnadana’ is a repetitive drum driven riff song. The massive drum sound of Anoop and his vocal rendition is actually good. The playful lyrics, beats and Anoop’s singing put together is sure to attract the front benchers.
Vale Vale Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya Singer: Priya Hemesh
"Vale Vale Paise Vale…Paise Vale Oorantha Gole…" is one more mass masala song in this album. Krishna Chaitanya penned the lyrics. His lyrical style is pretty interesting and catchy. Priya Hemesh lent her voice for this number which actually gave a real kick. This heavy drum beat song is yet another feast to front benchers.
Chitti Chitti (Male) Music: Anoop Rubens Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: MLR Karthikeyan
This male version of ‘Chitti Chitti’ song is also a pure enjoyment. Karthikeyan has a pleasantly youthful voice and a great deal of enthusiasm. It appears that lyricist Bhaskarabhatla, music director Anoop Rubens and singer MLR Karthikeyan have joined together to give us a musical treat. It is a pleasure listening to this track even though it is a repeat version due to its simple lyrics and soothing melody.
Overall, Anoop Rubens has composed this fun filled musical album keeping in mind the youth, class, mass and family audience. Though ‘Egase Egase’ and ‘Chitti Chitti’ are appealing, this album will find the takers any time because the other three are catchy and would please the masses.