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Naaku O Loverundhi - Full of Masti!!!

‘Naaku O Loverundi’ is a romantic comedy entertainer starring Krishnudu and Rithika in the lead. The film is directed by K Ramvenki and produced by K Suresh Babu under Sri Sivaparvathy Combines banner. Musical scores are rendered by K M Radhakrishnan which was recently released in the market. SP Balasubrahmaniam, Sunitha, Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam, Sahithi, K Ravichandran and Geeta Madhuri lent their voices. Lakshmi Bhoopal, Bhaskarabhatla and Peddada Murthy penned the lyrics. Radhakrishnan’s music in ‘Anand’, ‘Godavari’ and ‘Chandamama’ was simple yet fascinating. Although his music in later films failed to catch the listeners’ attention, he has brought a new feel to the old music. Okay now, let’s see what kind of music is in store for us in this album.
Naaku O Loverundi Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Singer: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
‘Naaku Oka Loverundi, Chethilona Flower Undhi, Rani Laaga Vachesthundi, Rajayogam Pattestundhi…..’ is a beautiful duet and has a lovely, smooth flow. This was sung by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargham, giving a fresh appeal through their free flowing style of singing. This song reminds me of some of 1980s romantic songs. Bhaskarabhatla penned simple lyrics but they tend to grab the listeners’ attention. Radhakrishna’s music composition is excellent and attractive to please the listeners.
Naa Allari Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan Lyrics: Lakshmi Bhoopal Singer: Sunitha
‘Naa allari timmiri kommulu vanchi gundelu jhallanipinche vaadevado….’ sung by Sunitha is absolutely awe-inspiring. It’s soft, stirring and with just a touch of sexy. This is certainly one of those songs girls find themselves singing loudly to themselves. Lakshmi Bhoopal’s lyrics say that it’s just the perfect love song. The beautiful voice and the moving music just tug at the heart strings.
Kavalante Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan Lyrics: Lakshmi Bhoopal Singer: Sahithi
‘Kavalante Istale Navanni Ika Neevele….’ is full of masti and is another magical offer from Radhakrishna. Sahithi has crooned in a sensuous tone which gave the song an edge. Lakshmi Bhoopal’s words were catchy and the song also has a qawwali touch. This song has a rhythmic feel and pretty interesting to listen to.
Kalayo Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan Lyrics: Peddada Murthy Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
‘Kalayo Nijamo Teliyadu Ee Vedhana….’ is an emotional song sung by legendary singer SP Balasubrahmaniam in a very different mood. The song has so much emotion and depth in it that he sang with his heart out. Written by Peddada Murthy the situation depicts the hero to be sad that his lover has left him and that he is helpless. Radhakrishna composed this piece in simpler musical structures and attempted a true form of expression.
Bhoom Bhoom Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan Lyrics: Lakshmi Bhoopal Singer: K. Ravichandran, Geetha Madhuri
This beautiful album ends with a fun filled song. With simple lyrics and music, the song is so wonderful. Lakshmi Bhoopal’s playful lyrics are fun to listen at any time – ‘Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom Bhoom, Lipu meedha chewing gum, chinna tappu chesi love you chepte siggesindha no problem…”. K Ravichandran and Geetha Madhuri’s vocals are good and truly interesting. We are into a funky, fun song! The song flows nicely with some cool instrumental work.
K M Radhakrishnan truly delivered one of the finest music albums in recent times. Hey! All music lovers, give it a shot.