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Mugguru - Songs full of Fun-N-Frolic. Enjoy!!!
'Mugguru’ is a comedy flick based on three carefree young guys hailing from middle-class families. The film stars Navdeep, Rahul, Srinivas Avasarala, Reema Sen, Shraddha Das, Sanjana, Soumya, Brahmanandam and others. VN Aditya has directed this comedy entertainer under Suresh Productions with Dr D Rama Naidu as producer. Koti composed the songs for the film which was shot in Malaysia, Karamchedu and Vizag. So folks, here we go to check out the tracks of this hilarious film.
Oja ye Oja  Music: Koti Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Dr. Brahmanandam, karthik, Ranjith, Geetha madhuri, malavika
‘Oja ye Oja’ is a fun filled song with playful lyrics. The song starts off with Brahmanandam saying ‘Inki Pinky Ponky, Father has a donkey…’ followed by teasing vocals by other singers - ‘Oja ye Oja….Inki Pinky Ponky Father has Donkey, Inki Pinky Ponky Mother has a Monkey….’. The picturisation of this song would be fun filled with the lead actors teasing Brahmanandam in a hilarious manner. Now, talking about lyrics written by Chandra Bose, the words he used in the song are with a sense of enjoyment than anything. The song has been well-structured by Koti with catchy tune. Brahmanandam, Ranjith, Karthik, Geetha Madhuri and Malavika together made the song fresh and full of energy. It’s nice picnic song and a real fun to listen to! Enjoy!!!
Gilli Gilli  Music: Koti Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: karthik, Ranjith, Geetha Madhuri, malavika
‘Gilli Gilli Cheppanu, Balla Guddhi Cheppanu, Bell Kotti Cheppanu, I Love You…Malli Malli Cheppanu, Mike Petti Cheppanu Nokki Nokki Cheppanu, I Love You….Love Bajanaa Love Bajanaa Love Baju Baju Bajunaa…Aha aha ha…’ is a light-hearted love song. This is yet another wonderful song sung by the same team Karthik, Ranjith, Geetha Madhuri and Malavika. It’s the song fun filled energy and playfulness. Chandra Bose’s lyrics represent light-heartiness. Koti’s composition made the song more enjoyable. It’s fun and catchy song, so just enjoy!
Gundeki  Music: Koti Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Sri Krishna
‘Gundeki’ is a cool love song with lovable music. ‘Gundeki Parugu Telisi, Gontuki Swaramu Telisi, Kanupaapaki Kalalu Telisi, Telisi….Maataki Telugu Telisi, Needaki Velugu Telisi, Samayaaniki Selavu Telisi, Telisi….O Baala, Prema Varamaala, O Tripura Prema Chigura, O Sundari Prema Rahadaari, Prema Loni Haayi TelisE…’. These love song lyrics are also penned by Chandra Bose. Sri Krishna has put his vocals on ear-catching display. Koti composed the song with a light piece of music. The rhythm and the music are in a rather light and cheerful mode. So have a listen to this very cool song.
Jillele Jillele  Music: Koti Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry Singer: Srikanth, Simha
‘Jillele Jillele…’ is nice enjoyable mass song with full of energy. Srikanth and Simha made the song all fun with mass appeal. Ramajogayya Sastry must have enjoyed it while penning the words. Koti’s sing along beat with his lyrics has made the song uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed this mass beat song and am sure you would too!!!
Chikibumbum  Music: Koti Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: karthik, Ranjith, Sunitha, Shravana Bhargavi
‘Chikubumbum Chikubumbum Chiku Chikubumbum….’ is a nice fast paced song crooned by Karthik, Ranjith, Sunitha and Shravana Bhargavi. It’s actually a good tune with pumping music. The starting lines are a kind of catchy and groovy. It’s a cool dance track that pumps you up.
Mugguru  Music: Koti Lyrics: Chandrabose Singer: Mano
Wow!Koti ends the album with a variety song. ‘Mugguru’ is a unique title song created by Chandra Bose. This song indicates that the film ‘Mugguru’ is a complete feast to the audience. The song opens with the line ‘Suresh Productions’ ‘Mugguru’, Mugguru Mugguru Mugguru, Ee mugguri mundhara audience andharu, Mugguru Mugguru Mugguru, Ee mugguri vanaka nootamugguru, Reema Sen, Navdeep, Rahul, Avasarala Srinivas, Athidhi Patralo Shivaji, Shraddha Daas, Sanjana, Soumya, Brahmanandam….’ and the song goes like this. It’s a different attempt by Chandra Bose and director V N Aditya. The song is so catchy that it grabs your immediate attention. Listen and enjoy!
Overall, ‘Mugguru’ is an enjoyable album with bright conclusion. The overall feel of the songs is fun-n-frolic, hence I would duly recommend to people from all walks of life.
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