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Daggaraga Dooramga - Pretty good to listen to, so just let it play!
After ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’, Raghu Kunche is back with a bang with his musical tracks in ‘Daggaraga Dooramga’. This Sumanth, Vedika and Sindhu Tolani starrer is a feel good romantic entertainer being directed by Ravikumar Chavali under Sudha Cinema banner. The audio CDs were recently released in the market. Raghu Kunche is a promising music director who delivered some amazing hit numbers in the past. Listening to his music is inspiring and uplifting. So let’s catch up!
Think Different  Music: Raghu Kunche Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Raghu Kunche
Wow! ‘Think Different’ is an awesome song to start off the album. The song is well performed by Raghu Kunche with good production sound. The groove of the drums is interesting to ears, thus the entire song sounds cool. The vocal drives well with the track and fits well with the style. Raghu Kunche’s voice sounds natural and fits this genre. The chorus also works well with nice female backing vocals. Lyrics are fun and playful and are well written by Kedarnath Parimi. The line ‘Zara Hatke Socho Mere Bhai, Are Kothaga Aalochinchara Bhai Hottu Pack Ye Theesi Nuvvu Think think think think think different…’ is catchy in a way he grabs you.
Anakey  Music: Raghu Kunche Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Raghu Kunche, Chinmayi
‘Anakey Kadani Anakey, Nuvve Ishtam Kanakey, Nanne Vaddani Anakey…Ok Naa…’ is a cool kind of love song sung by Raghu Kunche and Chinmayi. Although the lyrics are a kind of routine, the song is refreshing because of the good beat and rhythm apart from the rhyming words used by the lyricist. And the vocals are good because of the way it was sung by Raghu Kunche and Chinmayi. Overall, a good work by Raghu with nice tempo and beats.
Manasu Manasu  Music: Raghu Kunche Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi Singer: Raghu Kunche
Aaah! What a charming song! From the fine playing and production, to the lead vocals, the song flows very well making it quite soothing. I enjoyed the feel and the style of the band. The rhythm is the favourite part. The instruments on this song were great. The guitar riff throughout the song is cool in real classic style. The lyrics ‘Manasu Manasu Mari Dhaggaraga, Nuvvu Nenu Maha Dhooramga, Kanula Kalale Mana Madhye Vaalamga…..’ perfectly set the mood for the song. I can rate it as the best song of the album. It’s just plain awesome. Great job by Raghu Kunche!
Kallo Kochhave  Music: Raghu Kunche Lyrics: Late. Kaluva sai Singer: Devan, Ranina Reddy
After listening to romantic melody like ‘Manasu Manasu’, you will find this one as uninteresting or even boring. The song is passable with monotonous music. You can simply skip this track.
Peddapuli  Music: Raghu Kunche Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam Singer: Peddapuli Eswar, Madhupriya
So finally here is a song what you are exactly expecting from a musician like Raghu Kunche. Having become successful with songs of this genre, Raghu always makes sure that the lyrics, beat and the rhythm grab the listeners’ attention so that they will be impelled to pay attention to the entire song. Although there is nothing new in this song, the confidence in his song and sound indicates that such traditional songs will never go out of style. Kasarla Shyam penned great lyrics. Extra credit should go to singers Peddapuli Eeswar and Madhupriya for their excellent vocals. The beats make you tap your foot along with song. Well done Raghu, for promoting the country music.
Overall, the music of ‘Daggaraga Dhooramga’ is pretty good to listen to except for the fourth track ‘Kallo Kochchave’. So just let it play and enjoy the tracks.
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