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Sri Ramarajyam - Truly Inspiring Musical Package

‘Sri Ramarajyam’ with a huge star cast like Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayantara, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Srikanth, Sai Kumar, K R Vijaya, etc., is a devotional delight sketched by the veteran director K Baapu with the help of music maestro Ilayaraja. The album is a collection of 21 rich and melodious songs including 6 incredible numbers from six different films. All of them were wonderfully written, performed and produced. Ilayaraja’s extraordinary musical ability can be found in the variety of songs presented in this album.
Jagadhananda Karaka Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Shreya Goshal
The devotional album opens with a welcome song ‘Jagadhananda Karaka’. This track has the magical voices of SP Balasubrahmaniam and Shreya Ghosal. It’s a fantastic melodious devotional song on Lord Rama composed by maestro Ilayaraja. Jonnavittula’s words are very sweet to listen to. The song describes how Lord Rama’s kingdom was prosperous. This piece is technically very simple, yet very beautiful.
Evadunnadeelokamlo Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
The next song ‘Evadunnadeelokamlo’ starts off with Valmiki’s dialogue ‘Okanaadu Narada Maharshi varini oka prashnadiga’. This dialogue was delivered by Akkineni Nageswara Rao followed by the vocals rendered by SP Balasubrahmaniam. ‘Evadunnadeelokamlo Idhivarakerugani Vaadu, Evadunnadeekalamlo Sariyavunadavadivaadu, Nithyamu Satyamu Palikevaadu, Nirathamu Dharmamu Nilipevaadu, Chesina Melu Maruvanivaadu, Sooryuni Valane Veligevaadu, Ellariki Chala Challanivaadu, Yadaninda Dayakaliginavaadu,Evadu Evadu EvadUuuu…’ written by Jonnavittula is simply superb. The lines are so simple and elegant, but thought provoking. The next lines ‘Okadunnadeelokamlo Omkaaraniki Sarijodu….’ tell how Narada Maharshi describes the characteristic features of Lord Rama to Valmiki. Ilayaraja’s orchestral composition sounds simple, but Jonnavittula’s lyrics, SPB’s vocals and the harmonies together makes the song completely captivated from start to finish.
Seetharama Charitham Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Anitha, Keerthana
This track ‘Seetarama Charitham’ describes the episodes of “Lord Rama’s 14 years of exile in the forests of Dandaka and Panchvati”, “Lakshman Rekha and Kidnapping of Sita” and “Agni Pravesham”. Lyricist Jonnavittula wielded his pen to sketch out this beautiful song in such a way that you can visualize all three above mentioned episodes through his lines. While he was so clear in describing the story, Ilayaraja’s fingers were even busier with the harmonium keys to express various moods of the story. Singers Anita and Keerthana hit the notes perfectly and carried the song very well with great singing voices. The ending (Agni Prevesham episode) especially touched me and will remain as one of my favourite pieces in this album.
Srirama Lera Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Shreya Goshal, Ramu
‘Srirama Lera’ is the song that describes the utmost devotion to the Lord. The devotees express their true feelings how kind hearted Lord Rama is and his bonding with Sita. One can sense Ilayaraja’s brand of music in this song. Shreya Ghosal and Ramu crooned the song softly and melodiously. Jonnavittula’s lyrics are crystal clear that even a kid can follow the song easily.
Devulle Mechindi Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Chitra, Shreya Goshal
Here is a motivational song on Lord Rama. “Devulle Mechindi Mee Munde Jarigindi Vendamla Nilichindi Seeta Ramula Katha Vinude, Ika Vinude, Aa Mahime, Ika Kanude…” is also a wonderfully written song by Jonnavittula. The musical trio of songwriter, musician and vocalists has not only fully understood the devotional genre but have the spiritual inspiration to offer musically interesting vocal and instrumental sound. A sweet melodious song sung by Chitra and Shreya Goshal. Listen and enjoy.
Gali Ningi Neeru Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
“Gaali Ningi Neeru, Bhoomi Nippu Neeru, Rama Vaddanalera Okaru…..” is a sad song that tells how injustice is this world. The song mentions how the Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara blessed Rama and Sita as ideal couple, remains silent when they are parting. SPB known for expressing the right emotions rendered the right kind of mood through his vocals. Infact, his singing is the main highlight of this track. Jonnavittula’s lyrical message was rightly presented by Ilayaraja in a delicately yet effectively having a purpose.
Ramayanamu Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Chitra, Shreya Ghoshal
Aah! What a sweet melody!!! ‘Ramayanamu Sri Ramayanamu…..’ sung by two sweet singers is a beautiful song on Ramayana that starts with ‘Sri Rama Pattabhishekam’, followed by Kaikeyi’s wish for the banishment of Rama to the forest for 14 long years. Every song in this album sounds so interesting only due to Jonnavittula’s crystal clear lyrics. He made lot of efforts to explain each and every episode of Ramayana in every song that he penned. Just by following his lyrics thoroughly, the generation today will understand the complete Ramayana epic easily.
Dandakam Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Surabhi Shravani, Keerthana
Surabhi, Shravani and Keerthana chanted this ‘Sri Rama Dandakam’. In worship, we sing the powerful hymn with devotion to Lord Rama called ‘Dandakam’ to bless us and forgive us for any mistakes and guide us to more knowledge and light.
Seetha Seemantham Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Aah! What a beautiful piece created by Ilayaraja! Actually each song in this album is unique in its own way. You all must have understood by the lyrics in this song ‘Seetha Seemantham Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamule, Prema Aanandam Ningi Nela Sambaramule….’, that it is a song on Sita’s Seemantham. The situation of this song is when Sita lives in sage Valmiki’s ashram under his care during her pregnancy and Seemantham being performed grandly despite the absence of Lord Rama and her parents. The song is beautifully written for the situation by lyricist Jonnavittula. This simple melody blesses the listener with a spiritual uplifting combination of dynamically expressive vocals by Shreya Ghoshal, Jonnavittula’s meaningful lyrics and Ilayaraja’s interesting instrumental sound.
Rama Rama Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Shwetha, Anitha
Wow! This song opens with fantastic drum and tabla beats. ‘Rama Rama Rama Ane Raja Mandiram Gallu Gallu Mani Thirige Ramasundaram…Raja Mandiram, Rajasundaram….’ is the song picturised on Lava Kusa. The Lava-Kusa sings on Lord Rama’s childhood life to make their mother Sita happy. This song is beautifully crooned by Shwetha which was supported by Anitha. Jonnavittula describes about Rama’s childhood effortlessly. Ilayaraja created the song with an acoustic folk sound that becomes the icing on musical cake.
Kalaya Nijama Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Tippu
‘Kalaya Nijama Vaishnava Maya…..’ is an excellent song sung by Tippu. This song is sung by Lakshmana (Srikanth) in the film when Rama (Balakrishna) orders him to leave Sita (Nayantara) on the banks of River Ganga. Ilayaraja presented this fine melody with his wonderful musical ability. The lyrics in ‘Kalaya Nijama’ provide a positive feeling expressed in the vocals, praising the faithfulness in the Lord and at the same time the sincerity in Lakshmana.
Idi Pattabhiramuni Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Swetha
‘Idi Pattabhiramuni Yenugu Raa….’ is a nice interesting song that fits well in the acoustic folk genre. Besides offering fine melody and rhythm, Ilayaraja’s composition adds to the spirit, mood and energy level of the song. This song is sure to attract the children a lot. It describes the situation when a woman in the ashram makes the little twin brothers Lava-Kusa play, by narrating how the twins can go on elephants ride in Ayodhya. The song is well presented by Swetha with joyous vocals.
Sapthashwarathamarudam Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
‘Sapthashwarathamarudam…’ is an auspicious hymn chanted by SP Balasubrahmaniam. You can save this beautiful hymn on Lord Rama which is apt for the auspicious occasion of Sri Ramanavami. We can predict this chant to appear on the silver screen before the titles begin.
Shankuchakralu Polina Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Swetha
‘Shakuchakralu Polina Koonalara Aa Srirama Raksha Meeku…’ is the song sung by one of the women in the ashram to make the little Lava-Kusa sleep. This song will also capture the kids’ attention. The style of composition is similar to that of ‘Idi Pattabhiramuni….’ and has typical Ilayaraja’s label. Swetha’s voice is sweet and expressive. Jonnavittula’s lyrics needs no introduction, he has already proved that he is a gem. Besides having good command over the language and literature, his lyrical style indicates his methodical skill in the great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’.
Mangalam Ramunaku Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Jonnavittula Singer: Anitha, Keerthana
This song ‘Mangalam Ramunaku…’ sung in the situation where Rama and Sita are warmly welcomed back by the citizens of the Ayodhya kingdom after their 14 years of exile in the forests. Anitha and Keerthana sings this traditional song very sweetly.
Anta Ramamayam Music: Lyrics: Sri Ramadasu Singer:
Here is a sweet melody ‘Anta Ramamayam Ee Jagamanta Ramamayam’ from the film ‘Sri Ramadasu’ sung by SP Balasubrahmaniam. The instrumental sound, heart-stirring vocals and soulful lyrics together uplifts one’s spirit and and encourages one’s walk with the Lord.
Andari Banduvayya Music: Lyrics: Devullu Singer:
‘Andari Banduvayya Badrachala Ramayya Aadukune Prabhuvayya Aa Ayodhya Ramayya…’ is again a wonderful song on Lord Rama from the film ‘Devullu’. This exceptional piece connects very well to the common listener. SPB sings this heart touching song written by none other than Jonnavittula who has an amazing lyrical ability. Music director Vandemataram Srinivas also did a wonderful job and provided the most enjoyable song to listen to and soak into one’s being.
Rama Rama Srirama Music: Lyrics: Sri Anjaneyam Singer:
‘Rama Rama Raghu Rama Ani Paadu Tunna Hanumaan…..’ in ‘Sri Anjaneyam’ has been brilliantly composed by our music brahma Mani Sharma. The song was melodiously crooned by Mallikarjun which was written by Seetarama Sastry.
Govinda Krishna Music: Lyrics: Pandurangadu Singer:
‘Govinda Krishna Jai’ from the film ‘Pandurangadu’ is an amazing piece written by Sri Vedavyas and sung by SP Balasubrahmaniam. MM Keeravani’s orchestral composition is so brilliant that you will really enjoy this song.
Hey Panduranga Music: Lyrics: Shirdi Saibaba Mahatyam Singer:
‘Hey Panduranga….Hey Pandarinatha, Saranam, Saranam, Saranam, Sai Saranam Baba Saranam Saranam, Sai Charanam Ganga Yamuna Sangama Samanam….’ is a delightful soul stirring song sung by Yesudas and composed by the maestro Ilayaraja in the film ‘Shirdi Saibaba Mahatyam’.
Rama Kanavemira Music: Lyrics: Swathi Muthyam Singer:
‘Rama Kanavemira’ is yet another incredible song composed by Ilayaraja. Lyrics by Aatreya need a special mention. His lines have truly created the emotional effects with music. The vocals rendered by SPB and S Janaki with the support of chorus provide wonderful quality to the song.
After listening to the entire album, it is no wonder that the melodies found on the CD ‘Sri Ramarajyam’, are with the spirituality and presented in a truly inspiring musical package, which is most enjoyable to listen to. For sure this album will motivate the listener to develop a stronger relationship with the Lord.