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Seventh Sense - Harris Jayaraj's skillful work shows his passion behind the music

The music of ‘Ghajini’, is a work of passion and dedication, very well produced and structured by Harris Jayaraj. The catchy tunes, clean vocals and fine music created an overall album of an excellent quality. The combination of ‘Ghajini’ (Murugadoss-Surya-Harris Jayaraj) has once again repeated now with ‘Seventh Sense’. So let’s check out the album and see if this combination can repeat the magic.
Oh Ringa Ringa Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Benny, Suchitra
‘Oh Ringa Ringa Jainchu Kaalam Ganga…Kshemanga Manga Yesko Saaramga…’ is a hip hop number with all crazy drum beats in the background. This is madness of music, right? Come on guys, get set to dance for these drummer beats. The track starts off with Suchitra’s voice, then the song continues the drum patterns with several variations. Benny’s vocal delivery was excellent with absolutely perfect pitch. On the other hand, Suchitra also did a great job and not to say about the chorus in the end. Lyricist Bhuvanachandra was just so incredibly cool in penning the playful lyrics, of course, the Telugu lines only. The highlight of this track is Harris Jayaraj’s orchestra, which was simply superb. Overall, it’s an enjoyable track, don’t just listen, everybody sing, dance and enjoy together!
Mutyala Dhaarani Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Karthik, Megha
Wow! This is a beautiful romantic song, sweet and moving. Sung so mellifluously by Karthik, the listener will go all soft and mushy as he/she listens to the opening stanza. The song opens with a sweet whistling sound and Megha’s charming voice, then continues with Karthik’s vocals “Muthyala Dharani Muripinche Reyini, Nee Vollo Haayiga Theeya Theeyaga Pavalinchani, Pushtinche Thotalo Pulakinche Gaalinai, Thelavaaru Jamuna Tholi Geetame Vinipinchani…”. Harris’s rich orchestra will put a spring in your heart and makes you want to feel of falling in love. Bhuvanachandra’s lyrics are simple and lovable too. If you are in love, this dreamy romantic song will make you feel being with someone special.
Yellae Lama Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shalini, Reeta
Here is a nice energy number that is meant for the ultra energetic dance floor. Because of its highly energetic beat, the song will surely make you move your body. Somehow this track’s instrumental grabbed my attention. Harris’s creativity is such that it makes you wanna hit the rewind button again and again. Just play, have fun and enjoy!!!
Amma Amma Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: SP Balasubrahmanyam, Swetha Mohan
Wah! Amazing! Wonderful! ‘Amma Amma Kanne Puvamma, Nanne Nuvve Vidichi Poyavelamma, Gundelloni Gayam Choodamma Naa Maanam Pranam Neevenoyamma…..’ rendered so beautifully by S P Balasubramaniam with his soaring voice makes it a stunningly outstanding rendition of what every lover must have experienced some time or the other in his life. However, no romance is complete without the pain of parting ways, of losing love. Swetha Mohan’s soft voice added extra feel to the song. The splendid lyrics written by Bhuvanachandra are heartfelt. The song was superbly recorded with classy orchestral sound. Highly recommended.
Endukante Joda Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra Singer: Balram, Naresh Iyer, Suchit Suresan
‘Endukante Joda Gunde Lona Jwala, Sarvam Manam Kolu Poyame, Entha Kashtamaina Nammakame Unte Malli Balam Punju Kuntame, Edurochchedi Evaranta Dhairyamunte Nee Venta Souryam Choopi Adugestham Pada Nestham, Poyedhedi Ledanta Kaneerela Nee Kanta Kashtam Lonche Pudutundi Ghana Vijayam…..,’ is a great motivational song. This song with great lyrics and uplifting sing along beat will make your heart sing. It’s definitely a climax song to uplift the hero in the film. Not just the hero, but the audience sitting in theaters as well. It’s brilliantly written by Bhuvanachandra, neatly sung by Balram, Naresh Iyer and Suchit Suresan and wonderfully composed by Harris Jayaraj. Please listen.
The Rise of Damo (Mandarin) Music: Harris Jayaraj Lyrics: Karky Singer: Hao Wang, Sunitha Sarathy
The album ends with a Japanese song written by Karky and sung by Hao Wang. Even though one could not follow the lyrics of this song, I can assure, due to Harris’s innovative music, the song hooks into your brain. Just listen to it once!
Overall, I’d say this is one of the best albums of excellent quality in recent times, if you don’t compare it with ‘Ghajini’. Harris Jayaraj’s skillful work on keyboards and drums shows his passion behind the music. ‘Amma Amma’ and ‘Yendukante Joda’ are certainly pleasant to ears, ‘Muthyala Dharani’ sounds majestic and suits the mood perfectly, ‘Oh Ringa Ringa’ and ‘Yellae Lama’ are brilliant in instrumental, and lastly ‘The Rise of Damo’ is pure melodic metal.