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Rafi’s ‘Mr Rahul Pakka Professional’ releases on April 29

‘Mr Rahul Pakka Professional’ is a realistic comedy entertainer which is different from regular formulas. The film is loaded with all entertaining elements which the present youth will look for. The film has a good message along with excellent sequences, situational songs and romantic elements which will impress all sects of audience.

We thought that it is better to first see the audience response by screening the film to the common audience unlike spending money for promotions, arranging theaters and releasing the film and after that knowing the response with the morning show report. We have decided to go forward if and only if 95% of the audience likes the film. The film impressed everyone. Interesting is that, youngsters who watched the preview show which was screened on trailer release day, have bought the distribution rights in Nizam area which includes Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Nizambad and Karimnagar. In the same way, we are planning to release the film on April 29 by introducing cooperative process.

Our film’s trailer, songs and posters in the social media have got good response. The song which comes in the lines ‘Kanapadavaddu Please Choosthe Ninnu Aipothane Freze…’ has impressed the youth very much. Music buffs are praising the songs ‘Kommallo Oogithooge Chitti Potti Moggalu Pooyakundane Vadipoyene…’ and ‘Kadalara Munduku…’.

We waited for long time and at first decided to release the film in February, but it didn’t work out. High budget films are releasing for every festival and on every holiday and in each and every centre without leaving a single theatre. Like that they are releasing one after another. If such process is not controlled, it will be difficult for small budget films to release.

The report that has given by 100 members has boosted our confidence levels that the audience will experience a new feel by watching our ‘Mr Rahul Pakka Professional’. We are extremely confident that the film will impress the audience.

Produced under the banner Rahil’s Movie

Directed by Rafi

Rafi and Anjali are the main leads.

Camera: Amar and Lakshman; Editor: Nandamuri Hari.