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'Pachchis' opens to mixed reviews


'Pachchis', the new Indie film in the town, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Sri Krishna and Rama Sai, its story and screenplay are by Sri Krishna.

Starring debutant Raamz in the role of a crest-fallen gambler whose father and friend are not in a position to bail him out, the film is a crime thriller. The modest OTT release, which skipped a theatrical release, has opened to a rather mixed response.

Some Netizens have praised the film for its technical finesse. The cinematography and the background music have come in for special mention. The performances are also said to be of value.

A couple of reviews on the Internet, however, were not favourable. As per a section of the audience, 'Pachchis' makes for a laborious watch even at about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

There are comments hailing the film's raw feel. Then there are remarks about its weak writing, too.