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Raktha Charitra-Songs in RGV's very own label

The music of an eagerly awaited Ram Gopal Varma’s film ‘Raktha Charitra’ was released only four days back. As you all know this film has created lot of controversies right from its launch. This Vivek Oberoi and Surya starrer ‘Raktha Charitra’ based on Rayalaseema factionism, has music by Imran-Vikram and lyrics by Kaluva Sai. By the title ‘Raktha Charitra’, we can expect some good thought provoking songs in this album. This is the first time Imran-Vikram have scored music in Telugu. Here I go with my review on music of ‘Raktha Charitra’.
Gundello Music: Imran - Vikram Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Jojo, Ujwal
Huh! The album starts with a blood shed title song ‘Gundello udikudiki pongina lava prabhavamu ra idhi aagadhu raa, idhi aagadhu raa, Manushulni ruchi marigi, mattilo kalipina daahamura nara meghamu raa, bali dhaanamu raa…’. The song raises questions of morality in the society. Kaluva Sai’s lyrics tell how people fall victims to this cruel society. Jojo, Ujwal and chorus rendered the effective vocals.
Dorikithe Chastavu Music: Dharam - Sandeep Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Ravindra Upadhyay, Vishvesh Parmar, Sandeep Patil
This song ‘Dorikithe Chastavu’also talks about blood shed and killing. It is a chase song that says the gang frames its enemy for killing one of its associates. This song appears like the continuity of the situation of the first song. Since RGV is known to create fear in the minds of audience, the vocalists’ rendition of song, with one of their whispering voices in the middle of the song was almost as fearful as his horror films. Kaluva Sai used a couple of English lines in the middle of the song to bring in the contemporary flavour. Imraan-Vikram have aptly provided the sound and feel, to this RGV’s brand product.
Thudilenidhi Music: Sukhwinder Singh/Bapi - Tuttul Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Bommali Ravi Shankar
This is the third song on the title ‘Raktha Charitra’. It appears every song in this album focuses on the title ‘Raktha Charitra’. Bommali Ravi Shankar along with Chorus sings this song with real feel. Kaluva Sai in his lyrics explain that the war path you walk on has no end, hence each morning you wake up with a death fear.
Dabbunnoda Music: Sukhwinder Singh/Vijay Kurakula Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Vandemataram Srinivas
After three heavy songs ‘Dabbunnoda dabbunnoda….O dabbunnoda’, is an interesting song sung by Vandemataram Srinivas. It is a mass song but it gives a short relief to the listeners. Lyrics describe the ill practices of the rich. Lyrics, vocals as well as the synchronization of the song scores good marks here.
Champaraa Music: Imran - Vikram Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Jojo
OMG! I don’t think any music composer in India have experimented so many songs in this style of music. It starts with a line ‘Hare Hare Rama….Hare Hare Krishna’ and then transforms into a revenge seeking song. This is yet another chase song sung by Jojo and chorus. The song describes about the two gang members, hate each other and seek revenge for the murders. The lyrics and vocals of this song are also too emotional and I highly recommend you to avoid listening to such songs.
Katthulatoh Music: Bapi - Tuttul Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Ram Gopal Varma
‘Katthulatoh Saavaasam….Nethutitho Samaptham’ is the song sung by Ram Gopal Varma. It starts with a slow riff and leads to a predictable climax. Ram Gopal Varma’s voice is very good for singing. Although it is a revolutionary song, RGV, as a first time singer, sang it like a professional singer. This time Kaluva Sai came up with some meaningful lyrics although not thought provoking but easily identifiable. Imran-Vikram finally scored one decent tune.
Karma Dharma Music: Dharam - Sandeep Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Vardhan Singh, Aditi Paul
‘Karma Dharma’ sung by Vardhan Singh, Aditi Paul and chorus, tells about Action and Moral of the society. Lyrics are written in the mixed form of Sanskrit and Telugu languages. The bands are too heavy and it is very boring to the ears since I could not follow the lyrics properly.
Thudilenidhi (Chorus) Music: Bapi - Tuttul Lyrics: Kaluva Sai Singer: Arun Ingle, Manishankar Iyer, Bapi - Tuttul
The album ends with the repeat version of ‘Thudilenidhi….’ but sung in chorus. Arun Ingle, Manishanmar Iyer, Bapi and Tuttul were the vocalists of this chorus version and the lyrics are penned by Kaluva Sai.
In general, revolutionary songs are thought provoking and make the listeners sit and pay attention to the lyrics. For instance, be it the songs in ‘Pratighatana’ or ‘Neti Bharatam’. However, the songs in ‘Raktha Charitra’ are an exception. Except for two songs -‘Dabbunnodu’ due to its playful rendition by Vandemataram Srinivas and ‘Kattulatho…’ due to its slow pace music and RGV’s vocal rendition, no other song is worth a listen. With perfect RGV label, these songs might be aptly suitable for the situation in the film, but for the audio listeners, it drags them through emotional sound with boring instrumental work and ends up in leaving a negative impact on their minds.