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Telugammayi-Press Meet

A press meet was held by the unit of Saloni starrer ‘Telugammayi’ at Ramoji Film City today. It was attended by producer Vanapalli Baburao, director Raja Vannemreddy, lyricist Ananth Sriram, actor Shafi, Chegondi Harirama Jogayya and hero Yaswanth.

Director Raja Vannemreddy while speaking, “The output of the film is extremely good. Every artist in the movie including Saloni acted extremely well. Saikumar’s role is an asset to the movie. Cameraman Vasu has put in lot of efforts to shoot this film. Aarti did an item song in the film. Vandematharam Srinivas also composed very good tunes. Many movies in the past have become successful in the combination of Vandemataram Srinivas. Therefore I’m very confident about the film’s success.”

Vanapalli Baburao while speaking, “The movie got delayed due to the workers strike. We shot this movie with high quality. Everyone in the unit has put in lot of efforts to bring out the best output. And I’m confident that the movie will be well received by the audience.”

Chegondi Harirama Jogayya said, “We wanted to release the logo today but due to workers strike it is getting delayed. After the completion of the film we got the idea of including an item song. Hence we are picturising that song now. I’m confident about the film running for 100 days in theaters. Saloni’s role is very interesting and she performed very well. And not to speak of four heroes, who also gave their best performances. Three of us are producing this film and decided to make many more films in the near future. We are planning to release the film by end of June.”

Lyricist Ananth Sriram said, “There are 3 songs in the film and all three are different from each other. The charanams in one song was written in 3 different accents. I’ve also written an item song which is situation based one.”