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Mohan Babu on Smriti Irani's Goa Incident

Union Minister Smriti Irani found a hidden camera pointing at the changing room in a garment shop in Goa and she immediately given a complaint to the police. That incident is propagating throughout. Several people stood by Smriti Irani’s side to support her. As part of this Dr Manchu Mohan Babu has announced his support through social media.

Dr M Mohan Babu took a social networking site and wrote, “I was shocked after listening to the incident that happened to Smriti Irani. The culprits should understand that even their mother is a lady & how would he feel if someone did the same to his mother or sister or wife or daughter? The person who is responsible for the crime should be punished. It is the responsibility of everyone. So that such incidents will not repeat again.”