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‘Suvarna Sundari’ - A Historical Visual Wonder


Historical backdrop films are trending off late. Present filmmakers are showing interest on making films on the backdrop of history. Two huge and crazy films which were made based on history were released recently in Telugu and have become big success. Now, in the latest, another interesting film with the same genre is coming to the Telugu audience. It is ‘Suvarna Sundari’. Story and concept depicts history. ‘Charitra Yeppudu Bhavishyathni Ventaduhtundi’ (History always chases future) is the tag line. ML Lakshmi is producing the film under S Team Pictures banner. Recently released first look and motion poster have got very good response from audience.

On this occasion, director Surya said, “The film is a supernatural thriller. ‘Suvarna Sundari’ story is span across 4 centuries starting from the year 1509 till present 2017. The film was shot in different locations based on the time genre. The shooting took place at Bidar, Kerala, Kalakkal, Ananthapur, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Screenplay is a rollercoaster ride. History always describes successes. There will be hidden dark things in history. How the dark side of the history has impacted the 4generations makes the story of ‘Suvarna Sundari’. We have taken due care in presenting the generation gap between yesteryear and present. We are doing CG for each and every set. CG work is going on in Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. Visuals will be in high quality. Shooting is almost completed and post-production works are going on at a fast pace. We are planning release the film soon.”