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Forbes entrepreneur Suresh Reddy announces three films!


Kovvuri Suresh Reddy is a renowned name in the animation sector. In a recent edition, the world-famous business magazine Forbes named him in the list of one of the most influential Under-30 businessmen. He is the only Telugu entrepreneur to find a place on the coveted list. He has been a Managing Director of Creative Mentors Animation and Gaming College for 13 years. He is the founder of the college. He is also running a film school in collaboration with Prasad Labs. He has played an instrumental role in the evolution of a number of animation artists. Such a man has now entered the Telugu film industry. He has ventured into Tollywood with three films in the first slot. He plans to make 20 films, big and small, in 4 years on the newly-founded P19 Entertainment banner. On Friday, the first three films were announced.

The first of these films will be directed by Akash Reddy, who has worked in the direction teams of 'Superstar Kidnap' and 'Paper Boy'. He has previously made award-winning short films such as 'Chori', 'Maro Janma' and 'Pure Soul'.

The second film (Production No. 2) will be directed by Raj Madiraju, who won the Best Story-writer Nandi award for 'Rishi', besides getting a Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival recognition. 'Rishi' also won a number of national and international awards. The director of 'Andhra Pori' and 'Aithe 2.0' is now directing his next film which will be jointly produced by Suresh Reddy and Ravikanth Jami, an NRI.

The third film (Production No. 3) will be directed by Pradeep Maddali, a protege of Puri Jagannadh. After assisting Puri on six movies, he has made the web-series 'Pelli Gola', and the ZEE5 Exclusive release '47 Days'. His next film will be presented by Ramesh Prasad.

The three films were announced on Friday at Hyderabad's Prasad Labs. The pre-looks of the films and their logos were released. Prasad Group Chairman Akkineni Ramesh Prasad, producer Dil Raju attended the event as chief guests. Dr. Dasaradha Rami Reddy, the renowned orthopedic, KL Damodara Prasad (the Secretary of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce), producer Raj Kandukuri, ZEE5 creative head Nimmakayala Prasad, Raj Madiraju, Pradeep Maddali, Akash Reddy graced the occasion with Suresh Reddy.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramesh Prasad said, "It's because of my father LV Prasad garu that I am in this position today. He used to invest his earnings in movies. We have got studios in Hyderabad and Chennai. We have got offices in Mumbai and Kolkata. My whole life has been associated with movies. We will continue to produce movies on Prasad Productions."

Dil Raju said, "At a time when the pandemic is impacting the film industry, it's not an ordinary thing that Ramesh Prasad garu has taken up this big project at the age of 84. I thank him for carrying the legacy of LV Prasad garu. He wants to be in the film industry for ever. I appreciate him for encouraging fresh talent. The world of cinema has undergone a lot of change. If a film is good, the audience are ready to engage with it by watching even on a mobile phone."

KL Damodara Prasad said, "My father is a close friend of Ramesh Prasad garu. He was the first one to advise me not to get into films. But when I entered the film industry, he was also the first one to give me the maximum encouragement. It's not an ordinary thing to introduce new talent in the present situation. I have been doing it for the last 10 years. I am happy that Suresh Reddy garu has got the backing of Ramesh Prasad garu. The film industry needs financial discipline. I hope a Forbes businessman like him will bring a culture of financial discipline. I wish the three directors all the best. I have known Raj Madiraju garu for long. I advised him to turn an actor and he did. He is directing a new movie at a time when he is busy as an actor."

Raj Kandukuri said, "It feels great to have the support of Ramesh Prasad garu. I appreciate Suresh Reddy on announcing three films at once. I believe that commercial success is not the only parameter by which you judge a film. 'Rishi' proved Raj Madiraju's taste. Pradeep Maddali and Akash, too, are directors of good taste. Suresh Reddy has picked the right directors."

Nimmakayala Prasad said, "I hope Ramesh Prasad garu's blessings will always be there on everyone. He is encouraging new talent. I thank Suresh Reddy garu for announcing the films."

Dr. Dasaradha Rami Reddy said, "Suresh Reddy has got the blessings of Ramesh Prasad garu. I feel honoured to share the stage with Ramesh Prasad garu today. Suresh is my cousin. I wish him and the teams of the three films all the best."

Director Akash Reddy said, "It feels great to get the support of Suresh Reddy garu. I thank everyone for being here."

Director Raj Madiraju said, "I have been associated with Ramesh Prasad garu since 2010. Although Damodar Prasad garu feels I am old, my thoughts are always youthful. Besides Suresh garu, Ravikanth Jami is producing my movie. He is an NRI. He has studied at Harvard. Since Suresh garu is a Forbes businessman, one can say that Harvard and Forbes have come together at Prasad Labs today. These individuals have come together to make new-age films. If one of the films is mist and mysterious, the second one is dusty and mysterious, while the third one is sexy and mysterious."

Director Pradeep Maddali thanked the guests, his parents, boss and guru Puri Jagannadh. "I have been holding talks with P19 Entertainment for two years. I came to know that a project will be announced only last week. I was pleasantly surprised."

Kovvuri Suresh Reddy said, "I thank Ramesh Prasad garu for his blessings. We have listened to a number of stories in the last two years. I thank everyone who narrated the stories to us. Telugu cinema is contributing a lot to world cinema. A number of young and talented people are venturing into films. I believe that content is the film (king). My aim is to produce 20 films in the coming four years. All three directors have proved themselves already. Pradeep Maddali's film will go on the floors on February 1st next year and will be wrapped up by March 15 Raj Madiraju's film will be shot from December 22 this year. It will be wrapped up by January next year and will be released in Summer. Akash Reddy's film will go on the floors in November and will be completed by December. We will announce the details of cast and crew soon."