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Masooda's success will encourage outdated horror movie stories


'Masooda' is reportedly getting stronger by the show. The opening-day collections were partly affected by Sudigali Sudheer's comedy action entertainer 'Gaalodu'. But with positive word-of-mouth, the film is slowly picking up pace. The collections for the night show on Friday were reportedly more than that for the morning show.

If 'Masooda' becomes a commercial hit, it is only going to encourage other filmmakers to think along familiar lines. Story-wise, 'Masooda' doesn't offer any novelty. Its cinematography and sound design alone are refreshing for a Telugu film.

Telugu cinema can pride itself on producing great big-scale movies like 'Baahubali' and 'RRR', but when it comes to novelty concerning genre movies, Telugu cinema lags behind Bollywood, Malayalam cinema and Tamil cinema. There are no two ways about it.

Masooda's camera angles, sound design, and the film's atmospheric output may be new to Telugu cinema but they have been prevalent in Hindi and Malayalam, especially.

Thanks to new-age cinematographers and composers, Telugu cinema is catching up on the technical front with the genre movies made by others. Where we are found wanting is in the area of writing. The success of a simplistic, lazily-written movie like 'Masooda' will convince our writers otherwise.