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Keratam - Good album. Go and have a listen!
Another youthful musical album ‘Keratam’ featuring Siddharth Rajkumar (Prabhas’s cousin) and Aishwarya in the lead was recently released. Joshua Sridhar composed the film scores. He made his film debut as composer with ‘Kaadhal’ (Premisthe) in 2004 and did quite a few films in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. His recent music album ‘Sega’ (Veppam in Tamil) was released in the market and said to have scored good marks from the music lovers. ‘Keratam’ is a trilingual film and a debut film of hero Siddharth Rajkumar being directed by Gautham Patnaik and produced by S V Babu under S V Productions. Let’s check out this album right now and see what.
Sometimes Nelapaina  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Vijay Prakash, Suvi, Vijay Narayan, Rita, Roshini
This youthful album begins with the peppy song ‘Sometimes Nelapaina' blend with rap. It’s a feel-good, up-tempo tune that catches the attention of the music lovers especially the youth. Primarily dominated by singers’ vocals and Rehaman’s lyrics, the clap-your-hands beat and snappy musical arrangement in the background does the remaining magic. If you are looking for a song to play at your birthday party then this is it. Crank up the volume, hit play and let the party begin!
Sadhyamena  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Karthik, Swetha
The next in the playlist is a beautiful romantic song ‘Sadhyamena Nee Prema Mayalo Padi….Naa Pranam Naadola, Sadhyamena Naa Gunde Lottullo Ilaa…..Nee Dhyanam Aagenaa…Aa Vaana Chinuku Thirigi Egaradam Sadhyamena…..Naa Kantipaapa Nee Manadam Sadhyama…’. The beauty of this song lies in the sweet lyrics. The dreamier and softer musical arrangement coupled with Karthik and Swetha’s enchanting vocals make for a delightful listening experience. You can actually dance to or sing this sweet haunting track to your beloved.
Hey Oka Merupai  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Benny
Joshua Sridhar came out with a pop flair ‘Hey…Oka Merupai Merisa’. This track also works because of the joyful lyrics and catchy tune. Benny is a dynamic singer who sings songs that are full of joy and zest and this is no exception. Enjoy!!!
Vayase Nidhura  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Naresh Iyer, Padmapriya
Wow! ‘Tappanee Idhi Tappanee Adhi Telisi Teliyanee…Thadabade Ee Vayasulo Ye Mayara Idhi….’ is a haunting melody and is a pleasure to hear. The words are beautiful and moving. Naresh Iyer sings with a nice, free flowing feel. Joshua Sridhar offers a smooth Jazz rhythm that flows with an easy moving beat. The song portrays young guy’s lust to connect with his girl and explore the physical pleasures of life.
Nidhure Chedire  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Karthik
‘Nidhure Chedire’ is a short little song about heartbreak. The lyrics are about the unreceived love. The song opens with acoustic guitar riffs and before an emotive flute comes in. Karthik’s voice is smooth and charming as he expresses the lyrics with an elegant style and grace. Thanks to his vocal ability, the song made more melodious.
Fashion Show  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Vijay Narayan, Rita, Big Nikk
‘Fashion Show Lo Kaalu Pettinattunde Chalo Yaro….’ is a peppy song combined with a rap. This fun and energetic song will lift your mood, pump you up and make you dance. Vijay Narayan, Rita slong Big Nikk’s rap display this energetic and passionate song.
Nee Navvula  Music: Joshua Sridhar Lyrics: Rehaman Singer: Deepu, Gayatri
The album wraps up with yet another entertaining song ‘Nee Navvula’. The dynamic rhythm, beautiful blend of instruments, charming lyrics, Deepu’s inviting vocal rendition and Gayatri’s sweet voice put together will make you enjoy the track.
Overall ‘Keratam’ is a good album with entertaining songs. Joshua Sridhar came out with some well crafted instrumental arrangement. Go and have a listen!
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